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Fall 2011 UROC funds available

In order to encourage undergraduate research on the UMC campus, funding has been set aside for projects approved on campus.  The process for awarding these funds is separate from the University-wide UROP. 


Total dollars requested per proposal may not exceed $1700 (maximum of $1400 in salary for the student plus a maximum of $300 for expenses).  All proposals submitted for campus funding need to be approved by the appropriate unit head and submitted to the Academic Affairs office by the following date and time.  Late proposals will not be considered.


October 17, 2011, 4:00 p.m. - for spring semester 2012 projects


Application guidelines and forms....


Submitted projects that do not follow the procedures and/or not submitted on the correct forms and do not include all requested information will be returned and run the risk of not being considered.