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Arthur Guinness Day=Success

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Like a good true Galway native, I helped celbrate Arthur Guinness Day on September 23rd at exaclty 17:59. This day was established to celebrate the life of Arthur Guinness. Basically eveyone drinks Guinness and toasts Arthur at exaclty 5:59. It was a fun day. There were plenty of bands and live entertainment all around the city. By the end of the night you couldn't get in anywhere because it was soo packed. I'm glad i got to be part of it.

Also this weekend was the Oyster Festival in Galway. I'm not a big fan of oysters but I did walk around the town and look at the little stands they had set up. The air was perfumed in Oysters. Some would say that was a good thing(me not so much).

Well thats it for now, I've got some homework to take care of.


Into the swing of things

Hello everyone!

I told you I'd let you know about classes in my next blog, so here you go. I'm taking 5 classes here, a mixture of Science and Psychology courses. So far I'm liking them, but its another thing adjusting to the way of teaching. There's a lot of independent reading and studying, which in my case is great. I'm fitting in with this system pretty well.

I went on my first trip this past weekend to the Aran Islands. It was gorgeous. The only bad part was taking the ferry over to the island. Many people got sea sick. We spent the entire day biking around the island and taking pictures. I put a link at the end of this blog that takes you to my pictures.

I'm looking forward to the Oyster Festival this weekend....even though i don't like seafood :(. But they have plenty of live music and activities to keep me busy.


Orientation, check.....Classes, lets go

Good Morning!

Sorry its taken me so long to blog about my adventures here in good 'ol Ireland, but this week has been quite busy. We started off in Dublin for our 3 day orientation where we got to explore and get acquainted with the lifestyle. I learned that Irish people sure love Americans! They can definetely pick us out of a crowd too. During our stay we visited the Guinness factory, Dublin Castle, and did our fair share of independent exploring around the city. Dublin is a beautiful city with lots to offer.

Next stop, Galway! Everyone in our group was ready to finally get to Galway and start moving in. It had only been a few days, but living out of your suitcase is just not the way to go. I'm sharing a room with another American who happens to also be from Minnesota. It was quite a coincidence, but I think we are getting along just great. Our other flat mates didn't move in until just this past Saturday. There are 2 guys living upstairs(Andrew and Conor, both from Ireland), and a girl living right next to us(I can't exactly spell her name haha).

Well classes start today, so you know what will be enclosed in my next blog!


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