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I think its safe to say that my thanksgiving probably wasn't as plump with food as yours, but it still was wonderful. My program took us up to Northern Ireland for the weekend where we spent time roaming around Belfast, the Giant's Causeway, and along the coast. They took us on a black taxi tour that explained all the religious struggles Northern Ireland has been having between the protestants and the Catholics. The thing i found most interesting was that the whole battle started out as a dispute between William of orange and James the second, and the only reason it turned into a religious debate is because James the second happened to be catholic and people started saying thats why they were enemies. Had nothing to do with religion!

Another interesting fact for ya is that the Titanic was built in Belfast. Yup, another thing I learned.

Besides this past weekend I'm just finishing up some xmas shopping and trying to enjoy my time here as much as possible. Before you know it i'll be back in Minnesota. I'm actually not looking forward to this weekend because my roomate will be leaving to stay in Dublin with her boyfriend's parents for awhile so i'll be left alone :(. Maybe it'll help me study more, less distractions.

Anywho, i hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and know that i'm missing you.

Weekend with Benny

My weekend started off rocky with a bit of a stomach flu....had me questioning my plans for the weekend. I decided about a couple hours before I was supposed to leave if I was going to go or not, and even when I got to the aiport I was still questioning it. I figured that I'd regret not going even if I wasn't completely healthy so I went. Took about an hour to fly to the lovely LONDON. Let me tell you, London is not a small city. It took me awhile to figure out the whole underground/train/train system. I got there on Thursday morning and spent the day getting settled into the city and also going to the British Museum. The place is HUGE. My favorite part were the mummies, I was fascinated about what they could tell about the person by studying there bones and what not. Also did you know that they used to mummify cats and famous bulls??? Neither did I haha. That night I ended up doing a bit of 'couch-surfing'....basically its sleeping on a stranger's couch, but don't worry! Its completely safe, and there's this whole website dedicated to it. Its a system of surfers and hosts that are out there to 'pay it forward' and meet lots of new people. I already got grilled about it by my sis and mom, so you don't have to tell me that its not a good idea. I'm safe, healthy, and happy so I guess that means it went very smoothly. :) My host took me out to an Indonesian restaurant(first time trying it) and I got to eat with my hands! No better way to eat food.

Day 2 started off with watching the changing of the guards at Buckingham palace and than the premiere of the Harry Potter movie in downtown London( I knew you already knew I was in London, but i figured saying it again put an emphasis on how cool it was that I was there for the premiere haha). The movie was awesome by the way, of course there were cheesy parts but every movies got that. I also like a bit of cheese in movies....anywho than the rest of the day I visited Big Ben, Westminister Abbey, London Eye, and London Bridge. Headed back to my host's place and we went out for a drink before crashing after the long day.

Last day started off with a walk by the river and than a tour of the tower of London. Got a tour from a Beefeater(the guys that still live in the castle) and than wondered around all the spots where Anne Boleyn, King Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth, and many others walked. I actually learned way more than I ever intended too haha. During the day I also stood in St. Paul's Cathedral(where Princess Diana was married), saw where Harry Potter ran through the wall at platform 9 3/4, and enjoyed walking around a bit more before flying back that night.


Life this week


I'm afraid this week isn't filled with any adventure, just updates. I was planning on going to a juggling convention for the weekend, but I got sick and voted to stay home instead. Basically my weekend plans were cleaning and homework.

I finally found out my schedule for finals and looks like i'll be sticking around until the very end. I have 3 finals right off the bat in the first week, but than i have one more final that isn't until the end of the last week, so i have a little over a week break between them. Kind of dissapointing because i was hoping to do some traveling, but its probably for the best. By that time i'll most likely have very little money to travel with anywho.

On a more positive note, I only have 2 more weeks of classes, a study week, and finals! Time is winding down and soon i'll be home with all of you wonderful people.

I PROMISE that next week's email will be much more entertaining. I've got a fun weekend planned.




That's right, i went this weekend. I went to Scotland!

Wednesday night I left with my roomate to spend the night in Dublin at her boyfriend's parent's house. It was really nice to be in such a home-y environment and to see a bit more of the Irish culture. We flew out Thursday morning and arrived in Glasgow and spent the day roaming around and taking in the scenery. My favorite part was a park we found near the campus that was full of vibrant colors. I think we spent the majority of our day cruising around in there.

Day 2- We took a bus to Edinburgh and met up with 4 other girls from our program. Edinburgh was so wonderful. We spent most of the day also walking around the city and taking in the sights. My roomie and i stopped at a little restaurant for lunch and tried Haggis. For those of you who don't know what that is its a Scottish delicacy, and prepare yourself for the description.....sheep's or calf's viscera minced with oatmeal and suet and onions and boiled in the animal's stomach. I'm sure glad i didn't know that before i tried it, i just googled it right now :) Allison loved it, but i would much prefer something else. After lunch we went and viewed Edinburgh castle which is a castle literally on the top of a hill and it overlooks the entire city. If you haven't already you should take a look at the pics i posted on facebook, you'll see what i mean. That night we went on one of the haunted tours of Edinburgh where they told us all about paranormal activity and took us underground where people used to live because they couldn't afford to live above ground. Quite disturbing, but no worries, they calmed our nerves at the end of the tour with a tasting of whiskey :) For supper Allison and i had to try another famous scottish food so we had Stick toffee pudding for dessert. Definetely recommend it. It reminded me a lot of 'Better" cake.

Day 3-We spent our last day wondering around some more and than we had to head back to Glasgow. I also tried Indian food for the first time! REally good. We had to celebrate Diwali which is a holiday in India, the festival of lights i guess. I don't really know i just know i had some good grub.



Ireland Festivitites

WEll hello there,

Alright i've got a bit to report back to you all

#1-Halloween part 1

---Decided to start it early on Thursday night in Galway. Didn't want to ruin my costume for Sunday night(which you'll find out very shortly...) so i went as an 80's workout queen. Bright colors, spandes galore, and the wonderful frizzy side pony. It was such a good time, but i think i saw way too many guys dressed as girls! I thought it was bad in the US :/

#2-Joint Colleges Retreat

---SO REFRESHED!! Such a great opportunity to meet new people, spend some time in secluded Ireland, and praise our Creator for all his wonderfullness. The entire county of ireland was reperesented with people from all over the world...including Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Africa, UK, Europe, Australia, and of course the US. I even met someone from minnesota! how crazy

#3-Halloween part 2

---Are you ready for this?...DORA THE EXPLORER! Brilliant costume i know. It was quite fun also, but unfortunately i allowed someone who had had some beverages to cut my bangs of my wig because they were too long.....lets just say they looked like they were at an incline. Had a little fixing to do.

Today the weather was(excuse my french) shit. Wind blowing hard enough to stop you while you are walking, and rain to add to that.Gotta say its the only thing i really don't like about Ireland.


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