Hello there!

So, I'm coming down to the end so this will be one of my last emails to you. I don't have too much to report back to you since all i've been doing is studying for my finals. I have my first final tomorrow, but truth is I haven't started studying for it yet :/. I've spent the last 4-5 days studying for physics which has a little higher level of importance than my one tomorrow. It shouldn't be too difficult, I'll spend most of today studying for it.

Besides that the only other thing to tell you is that my roomate left to stay with her boyfriends family. Now I'm all alone :( Her boyfriend lives right around the Dublin area so she's really not that far away. We have one more trip planned together next week. We are going to go hiking in County Wicklow(where they filmed P.s I love you). As soon as I get back from that I'll be flying home. Its weird to even write that because it's hard to imagine me leaving this little life I've made here. After saying goodbye to my roomie(which isn't even permanently since I'll see her next week) I realized that saying goodbye to all my friends I've made here is going to be a lot harder than I thought. Luckily I have you wonderful people to come home to. Its an exhange I'm willing to make.

Cheers for now,

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