The End...

Hello All,

This will most likely be my last update to you from the land of the Leprechauns. I have one final left to complete tomorrow and than I will be all finished. Today will technically be my last day in Galway because after my final tomorrow I'm taking a bus to Dublin and staying with a friend until I fly out on Saturday. Originally I was going to go to Wicklow during those few days(where they filmed 'P.S. I love you'), but my roomate, who I was going to meet up with, doesn't have enough money. She just went to Belgium and probably spent a little too much on chocolate :) I might still go by myself, but we'll see. It'll just be nice to be done with school.

Last weekend I went to Limerick to visit someone else I met here and let me tell you, I'm glad I decided not to study there. They call it 'Stab City' :/ It wasn't as pretty as Galway and kinda seemed dirty. Overall though I'm glad I checked it out. Its nice to see different areas of Ireland. On the bus ride to Limerick, I was slightly saddened by leaving Galway. It got me thinking about the random fun times I've had here and the people I've met. Its going to be harder than I thought to say goodbye to this place, but I'm ready to make new memories and adventures back home. Lots to look forward too!

I've been really thankful for this opportunity and proud of myself for being able to do it. Even if the only thing I got out of this experience was being able to get out of my comfort zone and live in another country where I didn't know anyone(don't worry it wasn't the only thing i got out of it), that would be enough for me. Nothing is ever wasted, and everything happens for a reason. I'm more of a believer in that now than I have ever been.

Love you all, and thanks for being a part of my journey. See you soon!!!!

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