Two Weeks Left

So I know I have not posted anything in a month, but there has not been too much exciting here. I had four girls staying in the house also, but two girls left two weeks ago and the other two leave tomorrow. At work it has been a lot of cleaning like normal, but we also have done physicals on the Raptors that they have. So i was able to hold the Caracaras, Barn Owls, and the Harris Hawk, while we checked breast muscle, talons, and for any parasite. We also administered an anti-wormer in order to remove any parasites in the Intestines of the birds. Every week we usually go and get more fruit and dry food for the animals. I also timed some of the secondary feathers for the parrots so that it is harder for them to escape the cages where they live.

I took one weekend to return to Taxco where I did a lot of shopping for family and found many gifts for family. I spent one of my Saturdays also out in Puebla where I visited Africam Safari. This is the largest Zoo in Mexico. It also has many animals. Unlike Minnesota they do not have to worry too much about the temperature for the animals. To get there I took a public bus that left at 6 am and got there at about 9 am. The park opened at 10 so I had plenty of time to get a coffee and a taxi over to the park. I spent the whole day there and was very pleased with it. The only thing that I was disappointed in was that I was not able to watch their Bird Show, as it was cancelled because of the World Cup. I got back to Cuernavaca about 9-9:30. I would have like to stay in the city, but because I visited alone I wanted to return to Cuernavaca where I am much more comfortable. The other weekends that I have not done anything I usually hang out with the family and relax.

Last week I did go to the Gallarias, which is their version of a Big City mall with lots of stores and two movie theaters. Their theaters are very nice. I went and saw Eclipse in the VIP. VIP cost about 100 pesos and was well worth it. I did go at 2:20 so that reduced the cost also. But the seats in this theater are a comfortable leather that you can recline in and enjoy the movie. Also they have waiters that come around and take your order of food. It was very enjoyable. Even during the movie if you needed something you turned a light on next to your chair and they came and got it for you. I really enjoyed that experience. I think that I will plan to go to the Sorcerer's Apprentice next week when it is here in theaters, and I would really enjoy going back to the VIP one more time. I am very ready to come home. I only have 11 days left at the zoo where I am working, and 18 more days in Mexico. I am very glad I came to Mexico. I do wish everything had turned out better than it did, but I learned a lot the way it is. I would very much advise other students to study abroad in order to gain more experience.

I really should have four questions in order to make up for lost time, but unfortunately I only have this one:  If you could study in any country, that is not the United States, where would you study and what would that study be?

Week Two

Well into week two of the internship is going great. I finished on friday with a nice easy day and was done by noon and back at the house about 1. Saturday I hung out with a friend from school and we went to the Mercado, where I bought rubber boots for work, and a hammock to relax in. We went to Los Arcos where James got eggs, and i a pop. It was a really nice relaxing day. We went to Las Gallerias. This place is like a huge mall, with a movie theater on top. We hung out originally wanting to go to Robin Hood, but realizing that that one was not in anymore we went to A Team. While we were waiting we went and looked in some of the stores and around the building. We decided to eat Comida, lunch, at a restaurant Italliannas. It was very good, but expensive and exquisite for mexico. My total came to about 180 pesos, about 15 dollars. I had a chicken pasta that was very good and was a lot of food. I also got a nice glass of vinotinto, red wine. The movie was very good also the movie theater is nicer than the I-max theaters in the states. Afterwards James returned to his house by walking as his house is very close, and I took a taxi for 50 pesos all the way back. Normally to get to work I take 2 buses which costs me 11 pesos one way and takes about an hour, but it is very cheap versus always using taxis. Sunday was another relaxing day where I was trying to recuperate from the early work week. So i watched movies with Spanish subtitles.

Monday I worked from 8-10:30, preforming the basic cleanings that was needed for the day. I left at about 7 am in order to get there on time. Today, Tuesday, I went to work like normal using my new rubber boots, but once it was 9 am we went down to watch the Mexico-Uruguay futbol game. Unfortunately Mexico lost 1-0. After the game we finished up cleaning at about 11-11:30 and we prepared the food for the animals. I cut up papaya, mango, and tomato for the parrots. After distributing the food to the birds, we fixed a bad drain that clogged up the water that in turn allowed for the turtles to escape into areas we did not want them in. When we had most of the turtles back in the correct area we fed them food. Then I went and fed the two crocodiles They have one male and one female. The female eats once a month, while the male eats every week. I was able to feed the male after the female was given  her food and swallowed. After we finished feeding them I returned to the house after auto bus 8 and 6. I got back about 2:45 about 2 hours later than normal.

For my question of the blog for you I ask: Are sports real or fake. . . and why? Which ones are real or fake?

Here are the pictures for the past days:

First Day at the Temporary Internship

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Today I started working at a Zoo-like place where I will be taking care of the animals until we can get a hold of Glen. There has been some slight mis-communication speaking with the manager of the Raptor Rehabilitation Project, as World Endeavors has not been able to get a hold of him for several weeks now. So in the meantime I am going to be spending my time at Jungle magica.  

Today I arrived there at 10:30 and we finished cleaning out the mono aranas (spider monkeys). After that I received a tour of the whole facilities and some behind the scenes. We then prepared the food for all the different animals that are there and then fed them. After the work was done I went back the casa. It took two buses and just under an hour or so. So tomorrow I am to be there  by 8 in the morning and will most likely work until 2 or so and take both my buses both ways.

I finished my last class on Monday when I took my final test. Other than that I was done with classes last Wednesday. I was required to take Spanish classes so that I would have a better grip on the language. So far it has really helped. On last Thursday morning I went with a group from school to Ixtapa. This place was a resort that we stayed at and relaxed until Sunday. I had a lot of fun there and it was nice to relax. The resort was all inclusive so food, room, drinks, and towels. Anything extra such as snorkeling, fishing, para-sailing, or buying anything else cost money. I personally went para-sailing on Friday and then fishing and snorkeling on Saturday. We left about 7 in the morning from the resort and then went fishing and caught Black-fin Tuna. There were five of us and we each caught a fish. Then when we all caught a fish we went and got snorkeling gear and went out. We swam for a while and then the captain of the boat prepared sushi for us. He made it with lemon, fish of course, onion, and a chili. It was really good. 

The Saturday before that, the 5th, I went to the Rio Las Estacas. This is a river that at one time had springs at the beginning. It has now become a public attraction and was very relaxing to just hand out there and not care about anything. I have two more things to include the first one is a question for you to ponder over and respond to. It is the following: What it nature/natural to you?

Here are some pictures that have been posted.

Daniel in Ciudad de Mexico and Teotihuacan.jpg

Daniel in Ciudad de Mexico and Teotihuacan

Daniel catching fish Ixtapa.jpg

Daniel catching fish IxtapaDaniel Kuske' s trip to Mexico City with group from World Endevors.jpg

Group traveling to Mexico City


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The past two weeks have been a lot of fun here in Cuernavaca. I flew into Mexico City after a 2-hour delay and then was driven to Cuernavaca where I am staying for the 12 weeks i am here.

For the first week I had three other senoritas staying in the house in some of the other rooms, along with my Mexican parents. With the senoritas I spent a lot of time out doing random activities. We went to the zocalo, where there is an artisans market, along with a museum.

The first Sunday that I was here we went to Taxco where there are a lot of stores all dedicated to Silver or Platno. Every day for the past two weeks, and now this third week, I attend classes to improve my Spanish. Already since i got here i already notice a much higher increase of known words. At the school there are a lot of other students from the states that are also learning Spanish. Those other students are the only English influence down here the rest of the time, I speak Spanish.

My second weekend here I spent my time at a Museum in Mexico [City]. We first went to the National Cathedral, Templo Mayor, and then Finally the Museo de Antropol√≥gico. This was a very cool museum. With it we did a lot of walking around to look at the rare artifacts. On Sunday we went to Teotihuacan which are two Aztec pyramids. They are to worship the Sun and the Moon. I was able to walk to the very top of one, but not the other one. 

Yesterday I went to the Mercado. This is a place similar to a farmer's market in the States, but about ten times as large. It was very cool to see all the different prices of fruits and vegetables. I helped my M.mama carry the food to the car. I also bought two shirts for myself and another one for my fianc√©, Jessica. 

I am really enjoying the food here. Everything is a little bit hoter than what in the states is considered hot. Also Chipoltle in the States is no where near what Mexican food is. I usually eat about 7, 2:30 and 9. As in Mexico everyone returns home for lunch from work, takes a siesta, and the goes back to work. I am really liking the schedule. I usually get a variety of Mexican food, from eggs, to seafood, and quesadillas. 

My question I leave with you is what defines an American? Please leave me a comment. Thanks

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Daniel has been accepted on a World Endevors Program.  He will be starting his internship working with raptors.

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