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The past two weeks have been a lot of fun here in Cuernavaca. I flew into Mexico City after a 2-hour delay and then was driven to Cuernavaca where I am staying for the 12 weeks i am here.

For the first week I had three other senoritas staying in the house in some of the other rooms, along with my Mexican parents. With the senoritas I spent a lot of time out doing random activities. We went to the zocalo, where there is an artisans market, along with a museum.

The first Sunday that I was here we went to Taxco where there are a lot of stores all dedicated to Silver or Platno. Every day for the past two weeks, and now this third week, I attend classes to improve my Spanish. Already since i got here i already notice a much higher increase of known words. At the school there are a lot of other students from the states that are also learning Spanish. Those other students are the only English influence down here the rest of the time, I speak Spanish.

My second weekend here I spent my time at a Museum in Mexico [City]. We first went to the National Cathedral, Templo Mayor, and then Finally the Museo de Antropol√≥gico. This was a very cool museum. With it we did a lot of walking around to look at the rare artifacts. On Sunday we went to Teotihuacan which are two Aztec pyramids. They are to worship the Sun and the Moon. I was able to walk to the very top of one, but not the other one. 

Yesterday I went to the Mercado. This is a place similar to a farmer's market in the States, but about ten times as large. It was very cool to see all the different prices of fruits and vegetables. I helped my M.mama carry the food to the car. I also bought two shirts for myself and another one for my fianc√©, Jessica. 

I am really enjoying the food here. Everything is a little bit hoter than what in the states is considered hot. Also Chipoltle in the States is no where near what Mexican food is. I usually eat about 7, 2:30 and 9. As in Mexico everyone returns home for lunch from work, takes a siesta, and the goes back to work. I am really liking the schedule. I usually get a variety of Mexican food, from eggs, to seafood, and quesadillas. 

My question I leave with you is what defines an American? Please leave me a comment. Thanks

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Thanks so much Daniel for your wonderful Blog. Do you have any picture? If you do I'd love to have you publish those as well. When you enter your blog look for enter photo. If you have questions let me know. Good job with this, I can just picture you going to the markets and enjoying the culture. Thanks for your post

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