Week Two

Well into week two of the internship is going great. I finished on friday with a nice easy day and was done by noon and back at the house about 1. Saturday I hung out with a friend from school and we went to the Mercado, where I bought rubber boots for work, and a hammock to relax in. We went to Los Arcos where James got eggs, and i a pop. It was a really nice relaxing day. We went to Las Gallerias. This place is like a huge mall, with a movie theater on top. We hung out originally wanting to go to Robin Hood, but realizing that that one was not in anymore we went to A Team. While we were waiting we went and looked in some of the stores and around the building. We decided to eat Comida, lunch, at a restaurant Italliannas. It was very good, but expensive and exquisite for mexico. My total came to about 180 pesos, about 15 dollars. I had a chicken pasta that was very good and was a lot of food. I also got a nice glass of vinotinto, red wine. The movie was very good also the movie theater is nicer than the I-max theaters in the states. Afterwards James returned to his house by walking as his house is very close, and I took a taxi for 50 pesos all the way back. Normally to get to work I take 2 buses which costs me 11 pesos one way and takes about an hour, but it is very cheap versus always using taxis. Sunday was another relaxing day where I was trying to recuperate from the early work week. So i watched movies with Spanish subtitles.

Monday I worked from 8-10:30, preforming the basic cleanings that was needed for the day. I left at about 7 am in order to get there on time. Today, Tuesday, I went to work like normal using my new rubber boots, but once it was 9 am we went down to watch the Mexico-Uruguay futbol game. Unfortunately Mexico lost 1-0. After the game we finished up cleaning at about 11-11:30 and we prepared the food for the animals. I cut up papaya, mango, and tomato for the parrots. After distributing the food to the birds, we fixed a bad drain that clogged up the water that in turn allowed for the turtles to escape into areas we did not want them in. When we had most of the turtles back in the correct area we fed them food. Then I went and fed the two crocodiles They have one male and one female. The female eats once a month, while the male eats every week. I was able to feed the male after the female was given  her food and swallowed. After we finished feeding them I returned to the house after auto bus 8 and 6. I got back about 2:45 about 2 hours later than normal.

For my question of the blog for you I ask: Are sports real or fake. . . and why? Which ones are real or fake?

Here are the pictures for the past days: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=13046551&l=7ca6cd90ef&id=774575467

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