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Two Weeks Left

So I know I have not posted anything in a month, but there has not been too much exciting here. I had four girls staying in the house also, but two girls left two weeks ago and the other two leave tomorrow. At work it has been a lot of cleaning like normal, but we also have done physicals on the Raptors that they have. So i was able to hold the Caracaras, Barn Owls, and the Harris Hawk, while we checked breast muscle, talons, and for any parasite. We also administered an anti-wormer in order to remove any parasites in the Intestines of the birds. Every week we usually go and get more fruit and dry food for the animals. I also timed some of the secondary feathers for the parrots so that it is harder for them to escape the cages where they live.

I took one weekend to return to Taxco where I did a lot of shopping for family and found many gifts for family. I spent one of my Saturdays also out in Puebla where I visited Africam Safari. This is the largest Zoo in Mexico. It also has many animals. Unlike Minnesota they do not have to worry too much about the temperature for the animals. To get there I took a public bus that left at 6 am and got there at about 9 am. The park opened at 10 so I had plenty of time to get a coffee and a taxi over to the park. I spent the whole day there and was very pleased with it. The only thing that I was disappointed in was that I was not able to watch their Bird Show, as it was cancelled because of the World Cup. I got back to Cuernavaca about 9-9:30. I would have like to stay in the city, but because I visited alone I wanted to return to Cuernavaca where I am much more comfortable. The other weekends that I have not done anything I usually hang out with the family and relax.

Last week I did go to the Gallarias, which is their version of a Big City mall with lots of stores and two movie theaters. Their theaters are very nice. I went and saw Eclipse in the VIP. VIP cost about 100 pesos and was well worth it. I did go at 2:20 so that reduced the cost also. But the seats in this theater are a comfortable leather that you can recline in and enjoy the movie. Also they have waiters that come around and take your order of food. It was very enjoyable. Even during the movie if you needed something you turned a light on next to your chair and they came and got it for you. I really enjoyed that experience. I think that I will plan to go to the Sorcerer's Apprentice next week when it is here in theaters, and I would really enjoy going back to the VIP one more time. I am very ready to come home. I only have 11 days left at the zoo where I am working, and 18 more days in Mexico. I am very glad I came to Mexico. I do wish everything had turned out better than it did, but I learned a lot the way it is. I would very much advise other students to study abroad in order to gain more experience.

I really should have four questions in order to make up for lost time, but unfortunately I only have this one:  If you could study in any country, that is not the United States, where would you study and what would that study be?

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