Hello from Bergen, Norway

Hello from Bergen, Norway! It has been a great experience so far and I recommend everyone doing a study abroad at some point in their lifetime. I am glad that I got to do this awesome experience! I am having a great time and it has been worth it. I loved going to all of the different places that we have been so far. We have been to Reykjavik, Iceland; Copenhagen, Denmark; Oslo, Norway; Sogndal/Amble gaard, Norway; and now Bergen, Norway. Tomorrow we are all off to Stavanger, Norway which will also be another great city to visit. Norway is such a pretty country and it makes me feel that I should live here, but unfortunately I do have to go back to Minnesota which isn't all bad.
Today it is going to be a low-key day for everyone and with a holiday tomorrow, everything is closed today so we can do whatever we want to do and with many things being closed there isn't a whole lot of stuff to do. It is good to have a relaxing day today!

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