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Oh my gosh! Where do I start? We have been so busy! Sam and I are loving every minute of being in Norway. I haven't had time to blog because not only of wanting to take in every minute of the day seeing the sights but also because my computer has gone into a security state and won't let me log in. Oh how I appreciate a help desk with in 5 minutes.
Something that I have inadvertently learned is how dependent we have become on our computers and cell phones. It feels amazing actually to not have to be online or on the phone all the time. Sam and I have gotten more time to just talk and appreciate each other. Well enough with those thoughts I'm sure you all would like to hear about the trip!

After we were in Iceland we went to Copenhagen, Denmark and it was lovely! I was actually excited to get to go to Denmark because my Great-great-grandfather was Danish. What a city of history. The buildings are old and majestic. It is just like it was out of an old movie, with all the sculptures and elegant decorations. I wish in a way we would have had more time to explore there however I was ready to move on to Oslo.

The group had to be split up due to different circumstances and 6 of us took the Ferry and then the rest took the bus. I was one that ended up on the Ferry. It was fun to travel by water. It was very unfortunate that we couldn't all have made it on the Ferry. But the wonderful thing was that everyone was going to end up in Oslo for the 17th of May!!

The 6 of us that took the Ferry arrived at 9:00 and we got off the Ferry and we could already see parts of the parade and people dressed up. I was flooded with excitement! You could hear music and people chanting and singing. We hauled our luggage up the street (I say up because it seems in Norway you are always walking up hill.) and we were pretty much caught up in the parade. We found our hotel and hurried to go and see the parade. 

The parade was very fun to watch. Oh what pride the Norwegian people have. Everyone was dressed in traditional costumes and they were holding flags. Everyone from tiny babies to grandparents were dressed up. The parade had all the schools dressed up and marching. Music was playing and they were walking down the main street toward the palace.

We walked up into the front lawn of the palace and we could see the king and queen waving to the public. I was astounded by the total lack of security. People are so trusting in these countries. It was the same way in Iceland...we walked up to the Presidents house and there were no body guards and people told us that is we went up and knocked on the door that the President himself would have probably answered.

One of my favorite parts of my time in Oslo was going to Vigeland Park. It is a beautiful park full of lovely statues. I couldn't help but be in total amazement. The fountain in the middle of the park is so cool it is four men holding a huge bowl with water and the fountain in it. There was also a huge tower in the park that has bunch of bodies piled up and it was weird but also very amazing.

After Olso we took a bus to Amble Gaard. Amble Gaard is a resort of sorts. It is owned by a family and they have several houses that they lease out to people. It is over looking the Songdal Fjord, this was the vision of Noway that I had been waiting for.

Sam and I went down and spent he day fishing in the Fjord. We didn't have much luck but we had an amazing time down by the water. I hadn't really thought about it but the Fjords are  salt water. There were starfish everywhere and we saw some Jellyfish.

One of my favorite things about Norway is all the streams and rivers! Everywhere there are stream and waterfalls coming down from the mountains as the snow caps are melting.

I love it here!!IMG_0716.JPGIMG_0689.JPG

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