Hi folks, now you are all in Denmark. Enjoy the day. I love Copenhagen it is a wonderful city and there is lots to do.



First off I would jut like to start by saying that so far this trip is AMAZING! We are currently in Iceland and have been for the last two days. Iceland has surprised me, it is not what I had expected. However, in all surprises it has been a good one. We have seen more than we expected. Yesterday, after we finished riding Icelandic horses for about 2 hours and being served a delicious lunch. We embarked on an adventure that really was a huge piece of history. One our way to go on a glacier hike we had to drive with in six miles of the erupting volcano. (Which I will avoid trying to use it's name because it's in Icelandic and I would butcher it horribly.) It was could see the huge plume of smoke billowing up into the sky, rising above the clouds. I was a little apprehensive as we neared the dense, smokey ash cloud. As we started to drive through it you could see why air traffic was closed down and why people had to be evacuated. This "smoke" for lack of a better word was more like a dust storm. Pieces of fine sand showered down from the sky, as we drove further to the center of the cloud the sun was being continuously blotted out. At one point it was as though we were driving in the middle of the night, with no moon out. Even though we all knew it was about 5:00 and the Sun does not set until 11:00 here, in Iceland. So far I think it has been one of the coolest things on the trip. What a large part of history and we got to be here and experience it. Unfortunately the volcano ash has shut down air traffic for today so we are going to be spending at least one more day in Iceland. We are hoping to continue on to Oslo tonight or tomorrow morning.

Here is the latest as of 10:30 a.m. Sunday, May 16, 2010, (Minnesota time).

The group arrived in Copenhagen yesterday. The hotel we (UMC LAC staff) found them worked out just fine.

They ran into a little snafu with regards to the flight from Copenhagen and Oslo. This flight was to be on Scandinavian Air (SAS). SAS could not confirm their flights due to lack of payment from Iceland Air to SAS. Anyway, to get the group to Oslo to begin their flights there, Sue found information on a bus and ferry.

They were not able to keep the group together to get them to Oslo. So, Karl Syverson (he was with Sue on the initial trip to Norway and has been serving as sort of TA for this tour) went with three students on the Ferry (they left earlier and will arrive later than the bus group). Sue is leaving with the rest of the group by bus. They leave at 9 p.m. and arrive in Oslo at 5:40 a.m. They Ferry group arrives at 9:30 a.m.

We have confirmed with the hotel in Oslo their new arrival information. The group will be able to check in when they arrive. They will rest a bit, shower and then stake out their places for the Sytten de Mai celebration! Then, they will be back on track and on schedule. Everything else is still set for them.

The main thing is that our group is safe and is getting back on track. They will lose 2 days in Oslo, but added a day in Iceland and in Copenhagen!

At this point, all group members are on their way to Oslo by ferry or waiting for the bus to depart.
That is the latest information as I know it.

- Kimberly Gillette

It’s official. We can call it a Norway update! They have all arrived safe and sound in Oslo. They spent the day enjoying the Syetten de Mai celebrations. They are not gearing up for fireworks tonight.

They are back on track and can now work out the plans they have spent all semester working on. They are scheduled to leave for Amblegaard tomorrow.

Thanks to Rae, Bruce, local travel agent extraordinaire Mario, and of course Sue and students, for their hard work, patience, and perseverance in this trip. Let’s hope the rest goes without a hitch (and that the volcano will cooperate with their return.)

I meant that they ARE gearing up!

Hi everyone, wishing you well and requesting that you post photos, we love seeing your stops. We would love to share them to many other students who couldn't make the trip.
Enjoy your time and continue to take lots of photos.
Center for Adult Learning

I am envious. I would gladly get stuck in Iceland to watch the volcano. I just arrived back from Scotland, left Heathrow about 12 hours before they canceled all flights. Hope if you get "stuck" again it is somewhere more fun than an airport :-)

Love the lagoon photo! I bet you all got a very nice tan.

Hey everyone! Thanks for sharing your photos. Share more! I've posted a link to this blog from the UMC Today page. Here's to you all having a great rest of your experience in Norway! -Andrew Svec

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