Friday- June 25, 2010

Friday- June 25th, 2010

I cannot believe that I have been here for three weeks already. Time has been going by extremely fast. There are three volunteers that left tonight- they were also here for three weeks, and it was sad to see them leave, we all became so close. I definitely could not leave now- it would be way too early. I think 5 weeks will be the perfect amount of time. This week, I have become very conferable here and have made good friends with all the other volunteers.

For placement today, we went to teach students at the Presbyterian school about hygiene and malaria. We taught three classes: two 4th grade classes and one 5th grade class- each with about 40 students in each class. This was the second week that we have been teaching at schools and it has been extremely rewarding. Next week, I will be teaching again at the school on Monday. Tuesday, I will hopefully get to go to the RCH center, Wednesday I will be at the hospital, Thursday is the Ghana independence day so I heard that we are not having placement since everything is closed, and Friday we will be either teaching or at the bone setter.

Tomorrow, a few other volunteers and I will be going to the Wli Waterfalls. We went there two weeks ago, but we only got to see the lower falls. It was about a 30 minute hike when we first went, but tomorrow it will be a 2 hour hike to get up to the upper falls. It is supposed to be beautiful up there and have an amazing view, as well as a nice place to swim.

Thankfully we have our water back in the house. It came back on late last night- it felt so good to take an actual shower without a bucket. Having to take bucket showers really made me feel how the locals live. It is difficult to take a shower with a bucket, especially because you have to conserve the water and not waste it- but I could get used to it if I had to. Tomorrow there are also new volunteers coming, I am looking forward to meeting them and where they come from.

As I finish my third week in Ghana, I must say that I have having the time of my life. My placement has been a bit confusing and constantly changing, but I am really enjoying the variety and how good I feel inside that I am teaching children about hygiene and the prevention of malaria. Seeing the bone setter and going to the hospital this week was definitely an eye opening experience for me. I will never complain about the health care in the United States ever again. People do not know what the health care system is like in third world countries and how lucky they are just to have a clean hospital and knowledgeable doctors. I must say that I will never forget the things that I have seen this week.

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