Am I nervous? nah... I am super excited!

It's the night before I leave for my big trip that I have been waiting months for. I can't believe its already here! Of course I am a bit nervous about traveling to Africa for 5 weeks, but this should be an experience of a lifetime. I can only imagine the differences between where I have been living the past 21 years of my life, and where I will be living the next 5 weeks of my life in Hohoe.

With two suitcases packed to the max, I am all set to go! I hope that this blog will be a great means of communication. I hear that I will have internet access at an internet cafe in town, so I will try my best to get on a few times a week and update everyone on what's going on in Ghana.

Well, its time to get some sleep for my 14 hour plane ride tomorrow. I can't wait to be in Ghana in less than 36 hours from now!! :)


I'm so glad this is working. This is great! I want to continue hearing about your journey

Have a good trip! Cant wait to hear all of your exciting stories!!! love~ The Blooms

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