Friday- July 9, 2010

Friday- July 9th, 2010

I am writing this at about 1:00 PM Ghana time. I just finished my last lunch here- white rice with chicken- I sure will miss that! Last night, we had some interesting adventures. A bunch of us went out to a bar/restaurant in town called "virgin lips." After drinking a few beers and talking about our experience and what we are looking forward to eating most when we get home, we then proceeded to get some "street meat." This was not our first time getting street meat- maybe my 5th or 6th time, but basically there are a bunch of vendors on the street that grill meet for one cedi (about 75 US cents). Usually, we have some sort of sausage, last night they were serving cow and gizzard kabobs. It was a bit spicy, but sure did taste yummy! We then decided that since it was our last night, we should also get some egg sandwiches. There is an egg sandwich lady (Evelyn) that makes an incredible late night snack for also one cedi. Basically, it is an omelet in between two pieces of bread which are drenched in palm oil. Even though it is one of the worst oils to consume, it just tastes so amazing.

This morning, we were supposed to go to the RCH, but of course, plans were changed. They do not seem to like plans and schedules here, which is why they are so relaxed and easy going. So instead, we decided to go with some other volunteers to teach hygiene and health education at the schools. We were only able to teach two classes because Friday is market day, so they had a half day of school so that the children can help their parents bring stuff from the farms to the market. However, as always, it was very rewarding to teach. I will really miss teaching the students here- they are so willing to learn, they ask questions and they are always smiling and paying attention- definitely not like this in the states.

I will soon have my final meeting with Makafui at about 2:00 PM. We will talk about my placements and my overall experience here. Then at about 5:00 PM we will be leaving to go to the airport. It is about a 4 hour drive to the Accra airport. My flight takes off at 1:00 AM tonight (Saturday morning) and is a grueling 11 hour flight straight to Atlanta. I should be into Orlando at about noon on Saturday. I can't wait to see my family once I get home! It is going to be very difficult deciding on what to eat when I get home. Most of all, I think I miss Italian food, but I also miss a good steak cooked by mommy and funfetti cake for dessert. Surprisingly, I do not miss fast food too much- I have been craving Taco Bell for quite a while, but I do not really miss McDonalds or Burger King too much. I must say that I will miss the food here- it is quite unique. However, I doubt that I will want to eat white rice for a long time- unless it is sushi. Anyways, I definitely am looking forward to being home tomorrow, but I think it will be very weird to get back to the western world and civilization.

Well, I cannot believe that I am heading home tonight. 5 weeks has gone by way too fast! Even though I have missed my family, friends, American food and hot showers, I must say that I have really enjoyed the way of life here in Ghana. I could definitely stay here longer, but ultimately, it is time to go back home. For sure, I will come back to Africa soon.

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