Tuesday- June 29, 2010

Tuesday- June 29th, 2010

Today was sort of an ordinary day compared to the past week. We were supposed to go to the RCH today, like last Tuesday, but today there was another issue with the administration at the clinic there. For some reason, they are not allowing volunteers or observers there temporarily at the RCH, so we most likely will not be able to go next week either. Anyways, we went to teach hygiene and malaria prevention at a public school just outside of Hohoe. We taught four classes: two 4th grade classes, one 5th grade and one 6th grade class.

It sure was quite tiring to teach four classes today- each had about 30 students in a class and it was extremely hot out today. I think since I came here I have lost 10 pounds from just sweating from the heat- but it's supposed to be good to sweat- releases your toxins. Anyways, it was a great feeling to have the students so interested and asking a lot of questions. I feel that there is a lot of misconceptions about malaria here, and I feel that I have achieved something by telling them the right things about malaria. A lot of kids think that mosquitoes can transfer HIV, and malaria can turn into HIV. Also, some think that malaria can be spread by touching someone or using the same toothbrush as someone with malaria. Of course, we cleared up these misconceptions they had and made sure they understood the actual signs, symptoms, modes of transmission, and treatment for malaria.

It is always a great feeling to know that I have taught these students how to better their health and prevent getting malaria and other diseases. I sure am excited for tomorrow- I will be going to the hospital to view some surgeries. Last Wednesday was quite the experience being able to see two live surgeries. Hopefully tomorrow there will be some real good ones to watch.

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