My first couple weeks

I made it to Australia. I traveled throught the Australearn program, which i highly recomend, because the activities they have you do are incredibile for the most part. My activities were a bit different than usual. We had to change location two days before orientation due to a cyclone, so we went from goin to Cairns, to arriving in Brisbane. It was a 5 day orientation there; we went on a trip to the rainforest and made a day hike through there, went to a wildlife sanctuary full of koala bears, had a volunteer day on the beach, went on a river tour, and just made our way around town. We stayed in a backpacking hostel, which sounds terrible, but they are actually really nice. OurYHA hostel had a pool on the roof and it was five stories, with a cafe/pub in the second floor, and they're only like 20 bucks a night.

I would put up pictures, but my internet situation is not great, so just add me on FB or email me for more Brenny

Now i'm at school going though O' week here at Southern Cross University. It's about as fun as every other orientation, not very lol. But the school is surrounded by forest and vegetation, there's also a abundance of both throughout the campus. So, the campus is beautiful, although the walk to get back to the dorms are not as great. The people here are some of the nicest group, as a whole, that i've met yet. Everyone is nice and wants to meet everyone they don't know. And of course, with the drinking age being 18 over here, they all want to drink with everyone they don't know haha. I'm staying in a flat with five other people; we all have our own room but we share a kitchen and bathroom. The other five people are all Australians, so it should be a culture filled experience.

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