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Week 8


Sorry to those who have been following me-been kinda busy with midterms and everything else going on. Anyway, this past week I spent a week in the Outback-camping and hiking. If you are thinking of going to Australia GO TO THE OUTBACK. Don;t waste time on your study breaks going to Fraser Island or anything like that, because there are islands and beaches everywhere around the world, but there is only one outback. When everyone hears about the outback they think of going to Uluru, which was the most boring part of my trip. The excitement lies in the places where the tourists are not flocked. My favortie part of the trip was the 28 mile walk up and down Mt Sonder to see the sunrise. Took six hours and it was a brutal walk but once we reached the summit it was all worth it. Another thing about hiking in AU-the trails are terrible! Lose rocks and slate everywhere, also the fact that there is barely any cover to come across. Luckily this year the outback was green from all the rain AU has had, so that made the trip a little easier with the little bit of overgrowth. Anyway, my trip through the outback was guided by a teacher here at the university, so we didn't go on the tourist trip or have fancy meals. We cooked over the fire, over metho stoves and even in the sand next to the fire. It was a true camping experience which made the overall experience so much better. Overall, we walked over 60 miles in 6 days-camping anywhere from riverbeds to solid slate formations. A great experience and I would highly recomend it to anyone looking for an adventure, while getting away from the fine dinning tours.

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