April 16 Campus Telephone System Prefix Change from '9' to '8' for Outside Line Access

Attention smiley.jpgOn the morning of Saturday, April 16, between 8 a.m. and noon, the campus telephone system will change the prefix for accessing an outside line from '9' to '8' for all campus phones.  The reason for the change is to prevent misdialing for the 911 emergency system.  Incoming calls will not be affected.  Outgoing calls will be affected during the conversion process. 

When the conversion is completed, campus users must dial 8 for an outside line rather than dialing 9, as has been done up to this point.  After the conversion, if you are forwarding your phone to an off campus number, you will have to reenter that number with an 8 prefix instead of 9.  Please report any problems to Dennis Magsam at extension 8499.