E-mail is Official Student Communication

University e-mail.jpgPolicy Statement
A University assigned student e-mail account shall be the University's official means of communication with all students. Students are responsible for all information sent to them via their University assigned e-mail account. If a student chooses to forward their University e-mail account, he or she is responsible for all information, including attachments, sent to any other e-mail account.

Reason for Policy
The University of Minnesota provides students with an e-mail account upon the student's matriculation to the institution. This account is free of charge and currently is active as long as the student remains active. Increasingly, e-mail is becoming the primary mode of communication between students and the University. The information distributed via e-mail varies from college updates to registration summaries.

Some students do not use their University assigned e-mail account. Other students forward their University e-mail account to an alternative account (i.e., Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo, etc.). When students do not use or forward their University assigned e-mail account, vital information is often not conveyed as the e-mail is unopened or the associated attachment is not forwarded.

It is imperative that students understand that a majority of information will be communicated to them via their University assigned account while they are students. To better serve our students, upon matriculation students are informed that their University assigned e-mail account is the primary means of communication from the University community and that they will be held responsible for the information in the e-mail.

University of Minnesota E-mail Policy