Tyler Lowthian and Kayla Bellrichard are 2013 SnoDaze Royalty

SnoDaze Royalty frame.jpgOne female and one male student were crowned the 2013 SnoPrince and SnoPrincess at Friday's basketball game. They were awarded the Regal Spirit Award and each received a $100.00 scholarship towards their education at the University of Minnesota, Crookston

Royalty (L to R): SnoPrince Tyler Lowthian and SnoPrincess Kayla Bellrichard

The Regal Spirit Award:
The Regal Spirit Award given to two students (one male, one female) who demonstrate high INVOLVEMENT, create positive EXPERIENCES throughout the UMC community, IMPACT student life at the University of Minnesota, Crookston and enhance the Golden  Eagle SPIRIT. Unlike other awards, the Regal Spirit Award recognizes those students who make contributions to the University through participation in student organizations, Golden Eagle traditions and University events.