College Quiz Bowl Winners for 2014

Quiz Bowl Winner comp.jpgCollege Quiz Bowl was held on Tuesday, March 11 in Bede Ballroom and it was a hotly contested competition.

Taking first place was "The Fellowship of the Ring" with team members: 1st Team (l to r)- Abby Griffin, Lexi Salonek, Michael Laurich and Laura Gabrielson. They defeated "The Underdogs" by five points in overtime. 2nd Team (l to r)--Josh Wickstrom, Tiffany Hullinsky, Ronny Jaeckel and Bryan Harvey

After two rounds there was a four-way tie for first place. Two teams tied for first and two teams tied for third place. 

In an eight minute overtime shoot out "Knowledge is Power" was able to grab 3rd place from "The AAC Team", who finished in 4th place. "Knowledge of Power" team members (l to r)--Nathan Harthoorn, Tim Adenyi, Isaac Osei and Kevin Myers.  Members of the "AAC Team" were (l to r)--Rowenna Filmore, Sarah Morris, Kenzie Church and Tomas Parker.

College Quiz Bowl was sponsored by the Sargeant Student Center. Thank you to all the participants. Thank you also to Adam Hoff, Brant Moore, Saif Khan and Ashley Hoffman for their assistance in making the event a success.