Students were Named to Dean's List at the U of M, Crookston for Fall Semester 2009

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Students at the University of Minnesota, Crookston named to the fall semester 2009 Dean's List were announced by the Office of the Registrar. The U of M, Crookston is one of the most respected career-oriented, technology-based universities in the nation.

To qualify for a place on the Dean's List, students must complete 12 or more letter-graded (A-F) credits while attaining a 3.50 grade point average. The Crookston campus is the online leader in the University of Minnesota system and the only campus providing every full-time student with a laptop computer.

Today the University of Minnesota, Crookston delivers more than 25 bachelor's degree programs and 50 concentrations, including several online degrees, in agriculture and natural resources; arts, humanities and social sciences; business; and math, science and technology.  With an enrollment of about 1,300 undergraduates, the Crookston campus offers a supportive, close-knit atmosphere that leads to a prestigious University of Minnesota degree.  "Small Campus. Big Degree."  To learn more, visit

Fall 2009 Dean's List

Name Degree Minor
Aasness, Alisha Business Management/Horticulture BS  
Adams, Lorrie Manufacturing Management BMM  
Adelman, Paul Sport & Recreation Management BS  
Adkins, Amanda Agricultural Education BS  
Ahn, Duk Jin Information Technology Management BS  
Anderson, Jenna Business Management BS  
Arne, Brett Natural Resources BS  
Bach, Maxine Equine Science BS  
Bartholomew, Angela Business Management/Equine Science BS  
Bergemann, Brittany Marketing BS  
Berglund, Tyler Post Secondary Enrollment Option  
Bergquist, Carrie Business Management BS  
Beske, Andrew Golf & Turf Management BS  
Biddle, Jessica Equine Science BS  
Bochow, Amanda Natural Resources BS  
Bowar, Kayla Business Management BS  
Brinkmann, Thomas Applied Health BAH  
Burkard, Nicole Natural Resources BS  
Carlson, Amy Health Sciences Preprofessional Track BS  
Carpendedo, Karen Equine Science BS  
Carr, Jeffrey Sport & Recreation Management BS  
Carrlson, Virginia Agricultural Education BS  
Carty, Amoy Hotel Restaurant & Institutional Management BS  
Charles, Jessica Animal Science/Equine Science BS  
Chung, Seiyoung Undeclared  
Chute, Thomas Agricultural Education BS  
Claeys, Brandon Manufacturing Management BMM  
Coffman, Matthew Agronomy BS  
Critchett, Laura Equine Science BS  
Crots, Jensen Health Sciences Preprofessional Track BS  
Dagoberg, Seth Agricultural Business/Agronomy BS  
Dank, Anthony Equine Science/Animal Science BS  
Davis, Kristine Applied Health BAH  
DeBoer, Janessa Marketing BS  

Dikaitis, Victor Health Sciences BS  
Dimmler, Cole Agricultural Business BS  
Donati-Lewis, Heather Equine Science BS  
Dufresne, Kylie Communication BS  
Duick, Benjamin Natural Resources BS  
Ellenberg, Jada Horticulture BS  
Ellingson, Ryan Hotel Restaurant & Institutional Management BS  
Felts, Bruce Biology/Health Sciences BS  
Fillmore, Jonathan Horticulture BS  
Finke, Shanel Communication BS  
Fisher, Eric Business Management BS  
Flint, Amanda Equine Science BS  
Funk, Maria Agricultural Education BS  
Graves, Trent Undeclared  
Green, Matthew Agricultural Systems Management BS  
Grenell, Monica Hotel Restaurant & Institutional Management BS  
Gysbers, Brian Natural Resources BS  
Halver, Thomas Golf & Turf Management BS  
Hannon, Megan Equine Science BS  
Hanson, Eddie Accounting BS  
Harris, Danielle Agricultural Business/Animal Science BS  
Heggedal, Jakob Agronomy BS  
Heo, Joongi Computer Software Technology BS  
Holland, Philip Agronomy/Golf & Turf Management/Horticulture BS  
Hughes, Andrew Business Management BS  
Hullman, Jennifer Applied Studies BS  
Huso, Nicholas Applied Health BAH  
Im, Soo bin Hotel Restaurant & Institutional Management BS  
Jackson, Naomi Criminal Justice BS  
Jaroszewski, Gina Sport & Recreation Management BS  
Johnson, Becky Animal/Equine Science BS  
Johnson, Sean Natural Resources BS  
Johnston, Trey Communication BS  
Jones, Justine Hotel Restaurtant & Institutional Management BS  
Kaiser, Kelsey Natural Resources BS  
Karras, Jacob Business Management BS  
Kaschmitter, Brianna Agricultural Business BS  
Keimig, Rachel Agricultural Systems Mgmt BS  
Kern, Elizabeth Communications BS  
Khan, Shozab Manufacturing Management/Quality Management BMM  
Kilian, Michelle Information Technology Mgmt BS  
Kim, Hee Sup Hotel Restaurant & Institutional Mgmt BS  
Kim, Ji-Yeon Business Mgmt BS  
Kim, Keunsoo Undeclared  
Kim, Keunyung Horticulture BS  
Kim, Kyu Tae Business Mgmt BS  
Kim, Min Soo Undeclared  
Kim, MinJeoung Undeclared  
Knickrehm, Ashley Early Childhood Education BS  
Knudson, Michael Natural Resources BS  
Knudson, Timothy Natural Resources BS  
Knutson, Abigail Animal Science BS  
Koerber, Kyle Accounting BS  
Kramer, Megan Equine Science BS  
Kranzler, Brittany Animal/Equine Science BS  
Kriegh, Amanda Post-Secondary Enrollment Opt  
Kujava, Payton Undeclared  
Kyllo, Aviva Business Management BS  
Lamecker, Joshua Agricultural Business BS  
Laplante, Bonnie Applied Health BAH  
Lee, Jun Young Business Mgmt BS  
Lee, Sang Hyung Computer Software Tech. BS  
Lee, Youngeun Biology BS  
Libbey, Jonathan Natural Resources BS  
Lim, Dong Hyun Businees Mgmt BS  
Lim, Suyoung Undeclared  
Liu, Chunhui Business Mgmt BS  
Lyons, Matthew Health Science Pre Prof Tr BS  
Mahamud, Osman Applied Studies BS  
Mangen, Beau Biology BS  
Mchugh, Margo Accounting BS  
McKeag, Ashley Applied Studies BS  
Meyer, Megan Applied Science BS  
Meyer, Melanie Applied Science BS  
Michalski, Mark Golf & Turf Mgmt/Horticulture BS  
Molden, Andrew Sport & Recration Mgmt BS  
Moritz, Alisha Sport & Recration Mgmt BS  
Nam, Wonik Accounting BS  
Nelsen, Emily Agricultural Systems Mgmt BS  
Nelson, Tyler Agricultural Systems Mgmt BS  
Neu, Kristine Communication/Horticulture BS  
Nieuwboer, Mindy Equine Science BS  
Norvitch, Philip Natural Resources BS  
Nowacki, Sarah Early Childhood Education BS  
Nustad, Joseph Natural Resources BS  
Odegard, Casey Aviation BS  
Olson, Samantha Business Mgmt BS  
Onken, Stephanie Business Mgmt/Communication BS  
Owens, Jarod Computer Softwar Tech/Information Tech Mgmt BS  
Park, Gun Beom Undeclared  
Park, Jeoung Hoon Business Mgmt BS  
Park, Min Ah Organizational Psychology BS  
Parsons, Kalpana Early Childhood Education BS  
Peterson, Angela Equine Science BS  
Peterson, Katrina Animal Science BS  
Prestidge, Steffane Hotel Restaurant & Intstitutional Mgmt BS  
Quiggle, Heather Equine Science BS  
Reitmeier, Christopher Post-Secondary Enrollment Opt  
Riepe, Mark Agronomy BS  
Robinson, Jeffrey Business Mgmt BS  
Roland, Stephanie Animal Science BS  
Schein, Jessica Natural Resources BS  
Schlangen, Jacqueline Animal Science BS  
Schiep, Katherine Animal Science/Early Childhood Education BS  
Schmid, Kenny Agricultural Systems Mgmt BS  
Schmidt, Nicole Business Mgmt BS  
Schmitz, Gemma Natural Resources BS  
Schroeder, Heather Animal Science BS  
Schwartz, Gary Manufacturing Mgmt BMM  
Scott, Sara Animal Science BS  
Shulstad, Nichole Accounting BS  
Slepicka, Jaclyn Communication BS  
Sletten, Ashley Business Mgmt BS  
Swanson, Brett Communication BS  
Swenson, Chelsea Information Technology Mgmt BS  
Sylvester, Nick Agronomy BS  
Syverson, Karl Business Mgmt BS  
Taddy, Diana Early Childhood Education BS  
Terry, Jane Business Mgmt BS  
Thomas, Jerryann Accounting BS  
Thompson, Billy Agronomy/Business Mgmt BS  
Thompson, Matthew Natural Resources BS  
Tietje, Stepheni Horticultural BS  
Tollefson, Anna Mae Post-Secondary Enrollment Opt  
Tong, Alvin Jian Hao Business Mgmt/Natural Resources BS  
Triestram, Jordan Accounting BS  
Trotter, Julie Hotel Restaurant & Institutional Mgmt BS  
Van Ackeren, Kelsey Sport & Recreation Mgmt BS  
Veres, Nicole Equine Science BS  
Volker, Melinda Applied Studies BS  
Waclawik, Matthew Natural Resources BS  
Wagner, Anna Communication BS  
Wander, Weston Golf & Turf Mgmt/Horticulture BS  
Wanous, Bradley Quality Mgmt BMM  
Waslaski, Gavin Agricultural Systems Mgmt BS  
Weber, Cynthia Business Mgmt/Marketing BS  
Weller, Matthew Quality Mgmt BMM  
Wells, Chelsey Animal Science/Equine Science BS  
Williams, Ashley Hotel Restaurant & Institutional Mgmt BS  
Williams, Benjamin Natural Resources BS  
Wilson, Andrew Golf & Turf Mgmt BS  
Wong, Spencer Business Mgmt BS  
Woods, Stephen Business Mgmt/Sport & Recration Mgmt BS  
Wroblewske, Tammy Communication/Golf & Turf Mgmt/Horticulture BS  
Yaeger, Christopher Business Mgmt BS  
Yu, Li

English as a Second Language

Zabel, Bri Business Mgmt BS  
Zawacki, Nicholas Business Mgmt BS  
Zuck, Samantha Animal Science BS  

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