Students Named to Dean's List at the U of M, Crookston for Spring Semester 2010

Area students named to the spring semester 2010 Dean's List at the University of Minnesota, Crookston were announced by the Office of the Registrar. The U of M, Crookston is one of the most respected career-oriented, technology-based universities in the nation.

To qualify for a place on the Dean's List, students must complete 12 or more letter-graded (A-F) credits while attaining a 3.50 grade point average. The Crookston campus is the online leader in the University of Minnesota system and the only campus providing every full-time student with a laptop computer.

Today the University of Minnesota, Crookston delivers more than 25 bachelor's degree programs and 50 concentrations, including several online degrees, in agriculture and natural resources; arts, humanities and social sciences; business; and math, science and technology.  With an enrollment of about 1,300 undergraduates, the Crookston campus offers a supportive, close-knit atmosphere that leads to a prestigious University of Minnesota degree.  "Small Campus. Big Degree."  To learn more, visit

Untitled Document Students Named to Dean's List for Spring Semester at the U of M, Crookston :: Stories :: UMC News
Name Major
Aakre, Teresa A Animal Science
Adelman, Paul W Sport & Recreation Mgmt
Adkins, Amanda L Agricultural Education
Aho, Nathaniel Carl Business Management
Arne, Brett Ryan Natural Resources
Ash, Roy F Agricultural Business
Becker, Lindsey J Accounting & Business Management
Benoit, Jenna Christine Business Management
Bergemann, Brittany Carol Marketing
Berglund, Tyler James PSEO
Beske, Andrew Zane Golf & Turf Mgmt
Blair, Jamie Lynn Health Management
Blair, Matthew D Aviation & Natural Resources
Blazek, Jonathon D Business Management
Bochow, Amanda Trish Natural Resources
Boen, Chase P Agricultural Business
Borge, Jonathan C Agricultural Systems Mgmt & Agronomy
Bowar, Kayla N Business Management
Brazier, Tyler Software Engineering & Information Tech Mgmt
Byun, Chung Hee Business Management
Capper, Heather Rene'E Business Management
Carleton, Sheila Agronomy & Natural Resources
Carlson, Amy J Health Sciences & Sport/Recreation Mgmt
Carrlson, Virginia L Agricultural Business & Agricultural Education
Cary, Amoy Annessa Hotel/Restrnt/Inst Mgmt
Chaput, Jenna Agricultural Education
Choi, Seong Cho Undecided
Cologna, Shannon Kay Organizational Psychology
Cooley, Elizabeth Undecided
Cossel, Lyndsie N Undecided
Dagoberg, Seth D Agricultural Business & Agronomy
Dank, Anthony J Animal Science & Equine Science
Deboer, Janessa Rae Marketing
DeBoer, Jessica Lynn Business Management
Diederichs, Sarena Sport & Recration Mgmt
Donati-Lewis, Heather Shay Equine Science
Dufresne, Kylie R Communication
Eaton, Emily Elise Early Childhood Education & Horticulture
Ellerabusch, Kayla L Business Management
Fillmore, Jonathan W Horticulture
Fite, David J Information Tech Mgmt
Flaten, Singne R Animal Science
Flint, Amanda Kistine Equine Science
Folkert, Kelsey Animal Science
Frisell, Wayne J Accounting
Gerber, Jacob Arvin Agricultural Business & Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Gerla, David Roderick PSEO
Granfors, Jacob W Natural Resources
Green, Melissa E Health Management
Gullekson, Tim Troy Business Management
Gurung, Lhakpa Early Childhood Education
Gurung, Tashi Wongdi Natural Resources
Haggerty, Stephanie Business Management
Hamel, Theresa A Agricultural Business & Agronomy
Hanson, Eddie M Accounting
Hassa, Justin Joseph Accounting & Business Management
Haugstad, Donavan Marvin Sport & Recreation Mgmt
Heggedal, Jakob Agronomy
Heo, JaeHung Undecided
Herrig, Heather Renee Natural Resources
Holland, Philip Wade Golf & Turf Mgmt & Horticulture
Holzbauer, Skyler S Agronomy
Huelskamp,Stephanie Jo Business Management
Hughes, Andrew Wesley Business Management
Im, Soo bin Hotel/Restrnt/Inst Mgmt
Jacobson, Jordan Marcus Golf & Turf Mgmt & Horticulture
Jenkins, Bethany Juliet Horticulture
Jensen, Alyssa Nicole Business Management
Johnson, Michael Kenneth Natural Resources
Johnson, Sean W Natural Resources
Johnston, Trey Communication
Jordan, April A Agricultural Business & Animal Science
Jung, Ho Hyun Business Management
Jung, Jin Ju Business Management
Kang, Eunhye Health Sciences
Keimig, Rachel F Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Kenyon, Krista A Natural Resources
Kern, Elizabeth Renee Communication
Kessler, Lauren Brittney Early Childhood Education
Khan, Shozab Mahmood Manufacturing Management & Quality Management
Kilian, Michelle Accounting & Information Tech Mgmt
Kim, Keunyung Horticulture
Kim, Kyu Tae Business Management
Kim, Min Soo Undecided
Kim, MinJeong Undecided
Kim, Minseo Undecided
Kim, Young Jin Information Tech Mgmt
Klehr, Kayla Animal Science
Knickrehm, Ashley K Early Childhood Education
Knudson, Michael David Natural Resources
Koenig, Adam M Criminal Justice
Koo, Kyungwook Accounting
Kranzler, Brittany J Animal Science & Equine Science
Kriegh, Amanda PSEO
Krikke, Alyssa Health Sciences
Krueger, Caitlin C Health Sciences
Kyllo, Aviva Business Management
Laplante, Bonnie Jean Applied Health BAH
Larson, Joshua Peder Natural Resources
Lee, Adam Sport & Recreation Mgmt
Lee, Chang Hyeong Undecided
Lee, Dong Jin Business Management
Lee, Juhyuk Horticulture
Lelonek, Meranda M Business Management
Lenhart, Christina Ann Communication
Lenneman, Theodore Thomas Horticulture
Lestingi, Lydia H Animal Science
Lim, Suyoung Undecided
Linder, Matt Daniel David Marketing
Lindsholm, Nicholas Alan Manufacturing Management
Liu, Chunhui Business Management
Lund, Jennifer Denese Accounting
Maki, Samantha J Early Childhood Education
McKeag, Ashley Marie Applied Studies
McWilliam, MarJenna Marie PSEO
Messner, Lincoln Joe Accounting & Business Management
Meyer, Amber Nicole Hotel/Restrnt/Inst Mgmt
Meyer, Megan M Animal Science
Misialek, Chasity Mae Criminal Justice
Moen, Craig A Agronomy
Molden, Andrew Arthur Sport & Recreation Mgmt
Moritz, Alisha M Sport & Recreation Mgmt
Nerhus, Andrew Carlyle Aviation
Nielsen, Jesper Karl Villiam Agronomy
Nieuwboer, Mindy Adell Equine Science
Norvitch, Philip S Natural Resources
Oh, Suk II Undecided
Olson, Samantha Tara Business Management
O'Neil, Addie Equine Science
Osowski, Alysia Ann Agricultural Business
Park, Gun Beom Undecided
Park, Se Hun Information Tech Mgmt
Peterson, Katrina J Animal Science
Pyun, Junhyung Accounting
Rice, Brett Richard Business Management
Riepe, Mark Thomas Agronomy
Robinson, Jeffrey Scott Business Management
Rueter, Danielle Sport & Recreation Mgmt
Rupp, Marian Agricultural Business & Equine Science
Saarinen, Max Peyton Communication
Sachwitz, Brandon Biology & Health Sciences
Sachwitz, Rebecca Jean Early Childhood Education
Schlangen, Jacqueline R Animal Science
Schliep, Michael Leroy Software Engineering
Schlosser, Brittany Ellen Equine Science
Schmid, Kenny Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Scott, Sara Jane Animal Science
Secrest, Christopher A Aviation
Severance, Desiree Anne Agricultural Education & Animal Science
Skoien, Brittney Marie Equine Science
Skreczko, Joleen M Business Management
Stearly, Joseph R Marketing
Sullivan, Brandi Nicole Equine Science
Sylvester, Nick L Agronomy
Tallman Jr., Timothy N Undecided
Thompson, Joshua Business Management & Information Tech Mgmt
Thompson, Matthew P Natural Resources
Thomspon, William Agronomy & Business Management
Tietje, Stepheni T Horticulture
Tollefson, Anna Mae Marie PSEO
Trotter, Julie Ann Hotel/Restrnt/Inst Mgmt
Valgren, Yvonne Nicole Organizational Psychology
Vant, Kyle Rutger Natural Resources
Vargason, Alicia Ruth Natural Resources
Veres, Nicole M Equine Science
Volker, Melinda Applied Studies
Walker, Nicole Business Management & Health Sciences
Walsvik, Benjamin J Natural Resources
Walter, Marc E Agronomy
Wander, Weston J Golf & Turf Management & Horticulture
Williams, Ashley Hotel/Restrnt/Inst Mgmt
Williams, Benjamin Rex Natural Resources
Wimmergren, Joshua David Manufacturing Management
Woods, Rae Elizabeth Undecided
Woods, Stephen J Business Management & Sport & Recreation Mgmt
Wroblewski, Tammy D Communication & Golf & Turf Mgmt & Horticulture
Wrzos, Holly Hotel/Restrnt/Inst Mgmt
Zabel, Bri L Business Management
Zawacki, Nicholas Business Management
Zhou, Xi Business Management & Marketing
Zhu, Yiyun Business Management
Zuck, Samantha Ann Animal Science

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