U of M, Crookston Announces Spring Semester 2012 Graduates

The Office of the Registrar at the University of Minnesota, Crookston recently announced its list of spring semester 2012 graduates. Students completed their degree requirements during spring semester 2012. Graduates are listed below with their degree(s) earned.

The University of Minnesota, Crookston enrolls approximately 1,600 full-time students and is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. The U of M, Crookston is a four-year baccalaureate degree granting institution, dedicated to learning, discovery and engagement in northwest Minnesota.

Aasness, Alisha ReneemaeHorticulture B SBusiness Mgmt 
Ahmed, Shukri A IIApplied Studies B S  
Anderson, Jacolby FitzgeraldSport and Recreation Mgmt B S  
Aulabaugh, LanceQuality Management B M M  
 Manufacturing Management B M M  
Balfanz, Ashley AnnaBusiness Management B S  
Bartholomew, Angela MarieBusiness Management B S Distinction
 Equine Science B S Distinction
Bauer, Janie MEarly Childhood Education B S  
Benson, Christina AnnCommunication B S  
Bergemann, Brittany CarolMarketing B S  
Blawat, Melissa AAgricultural Business B SMarketing 
Blazek, Jonathon DennisBusiness Management B SMarketing 
Blees, Samuel GCriminal Justice B S Distinction
Boaten, Nana SarkodieMarketing B S  
Boen, Chase PAgricultural Business B S Distinction
 Agronomy B S Distinction
Borgerding, Thomas JacobAgricultural Business B SAnimal Science 
Boutain, Bryan EdwardMarketing B S  
Bowen, Andrew WAviation B S  
Braastad, Cory AntonNatural Resources B S  
Byram, Casey JayNatural Resources B S  
Caillier, Emily AnnHlth Sciences Pre Prof Tr B S  
 Biology B S  
Calderwood, Tyler JAgronomy B S  
Caldwell, Michele MarieApplied Studies B S  
Cardinal, Eric DavidNatural Resources B S  
Carleton, Sheila Catherine ElizabethAgronomy B S  
 Natural Resources B S  
Carty, Amoy AnnessaHotel/Rest/Tourism Mgmt B SMarketing 
Chen, QiBusiness Management B S Distinction
Cheng, YuAgricultural Business B SMarketing 
Chouinard, Eric DavidBusiness Management B S  
Christensen, Brian KellyHorticulture B S  
Coyne, Kevin MichaelGolf and Turf Mgmt B S  
Czichotzki, Austin DeanCommunication B SBusiness MgmtDistinction
Dachel, Andrew ThomasBusiness Management B S  
Daly, Mitchell PAgricultural Systems Mgmt B SAgric Business 
Dearden, EricAccounting B S  
DeGrio, Deborah MarieHealth Management B S  
Denver, Megan INatural Resources B S High Distinction
Ding, YuanAgricultural Business B SMarketing 
Doyle, Jena MarieEquine Science B S  
Dullinger, Jackie LeeBiology B S  
 Hlth Sciences Pre Prof Tr B S  
Eben, Myrna DBusiness Management B S  
Enghauser, Chase KarlBusiness Management B S  
Eul, Megan ElizabethEarly Childhood Education B S High Distinction
Evans, Christin RBusiness Management B S  
Even, Angel AApplied Studies B S  
 Hlth Infor Priv Sec Hlth Care (certificate)  
Feely, Matthew DavidManufacturing Management B M M  
Finke, Shanel CherieCommunication B S  
Fisher, Eric EdwardBusiness Management B SMarketing 
Folkert, KelseyAnimal Science B S  
Forester, Payne AllenBusiness Management B S  
Gaukerud, CarlAgricultural Systems Mgmt B SAgric Business 
Gorentz, AndrewAgronomy B SAgric BusinessDistinction
Grabowski, David Ernest JamesCriminal Justice B S  
Grahek, Adam MichaelMarketing B S  
Graves, Trent BBiology B S  
Griffin, Cory AnnNatural Resources B S  
Hamel, Theresa AnnetteAgronomy B S  
 Agricultural Business B S  
Hardy, Brenyn DNatural Resources B S  
Hatch, Casey LouiseNatural Resources B S  
Hein, Jacob EltonAgricultural Systems Mgmt B SAnimal Science 
Hendricks, Adam EBusiness Management B S  
Hersy, Abdi EApplied Studies B S  
 Hlth Infor Priv Sec Hlth Care (certificate)  
Horoshak, Jeffrey NicholasNatural Resources B S  
Hucko, Zachary J.Golf and Turf Mgmt B S  
Hulst, EthanAgronomy B S  
Huston, Antonia CalderonAccounting B S  
Jarvis, Cassandra ChristineCriminal Justice B S  
Jiang, LiyaAgricultural Business B S  
Johnson, Falyn RAgricultural Business B SAgronomy 
Johnson, Katy J.Natural Resources B S High Distinction
Johnson, Kristina LeeAnimal Science B S  
Johnson, Nicholas DanielNatural Resources B S  
Kappelhoff, Brianna MOrganizational Psychology B SCommunication 
Keimig, Rachel FernAgricultural Systems Mgmt B SAgric Business 
Khan, Shozab MahmoodManufacturing Management B M MBusiness MgmtDistinction
 Quality Management B M M Distinction
Kimball, CoryNatural Resources B S  
Klehr, Kayla AliceAnimal Science B S High Distinction
Kleinschmidt, Adam JNatural Resources B S  
Kocina, Kathleen JAccounting B S  
Koo, KyungwookAccounting B S High Distinction
Kopietz, Terence DanielNatural Resources B S  
Kramer, Megan ElizabethEquine Science B SCoaching Minor 
Kriegh, LoisBusiness Management B S  
Krikke, Alyssa AnneHlth Sciences Pre Prof Tr B S High Distinction
Krueger, Kayla LeighEquine Science B SAgric Business 
Krueger, Matthew CalebAgricultural Business B S  
Kupferschmid, Brett AdamNatural Resources B S  
Kyarsgaard, Jameson RobertManufacturing Management B M M  
Lahman, Samantha CAnimal Science B SAgric Business 
Lakhan, Hansraj NarainApplied Studies B S  
 Hlth Infor Sftware Eng/IT Prof (certificate)  
Langerud, Luke RAgronomy B SAgric Business 
Larson, Zachary RNatural Resources B S  
LaRussa, Dominic Frank JrBusiness Management B S  
Lazzari, Benjamin AlexNatural Resources B S  
Lee, Sung SooMarketing B S  
Liebl, Quinton NelsNatural Resources B S  
Limanen, Jesse WilliamNatural Resources B S  
Link, AustinNatural Resources B S  
Longar, Arol SalvatoryOrganizational Psychology B S  
Luo, XiSoftware Engineering B S  
Macheledt, Tyrell ThomasNatural Resources B S  
Malarkey, Donna MQuality Management B M MMarketing 
Matykowski, Kelsey JayneNatural Resources B SHorticulture 
McLean, CodyNatural Resources B S  
McVey, Eli WarrenBusiness Management B S  
Meyer, Megan MAnimal Science B SEquine Science 
Miller, Maranda RNatural Resources B S High Distinction
Mo, ChengyuBusiness Management B S High Distinction
Morgan, Eric J.Business Management B S  
Myers, Lucas AllenApplied Health B A H  
Myers, Paul MichaelHlth Sciences Pre Prof Tr B S  
Nelson, Kimberley AnnAgronomy B SAnimal Science 
Neu, Kristine MarieHorticulture B S High Distinction
 Communication B S High Distinction
Nguyen, Hai ThiManufacturing Management B M M  
Nyhus, Trenton DavisSport and Recreation Mgmt B SCoaching Minor 
Olson, Lori AnnApplied Health B A H  
Osowski, Alysia AnnAgricultural Business B S  
 Agronomy B S  
Ostrov, Jessica IrisApplied Studies B S  
Otten, Kristin MaryManufacturing Management B M M  
Palm, Heather LeaHealth Management B S Distinction
Pan, FangjingBusiness Management B S High Distinction
Paulson, Cheryl AnnApplied Health B A H  
Pearson, NicoleApplied Studies B S  
Pilger, Whitney MarieHlth Sciences Pre Prof Tr B SChemistry 
 Biology B S  
Plante, Kayla JaneCommunication B SCriminal Justice 
Plass, John MichaelAgronomy B S High Distinction
Powell, Corinne HApplied Health B A H  
Proulx, Kristopher JamesBusiness Management B S  
Ranweiler, Mark AnthonyNatural Resources B S  
Rasmussen, Jennifer LeeHlth Sciences Pre Prof Tr B S  
Reed, Megan ElizabethMarketing B S Distinction
Rene, Tanya CHealth Management B S  
Robinson, Jeffrey ScottBusiness Management B S  
Rondorf, Jordan JAgricultural Business B S  
Rosemeyer, Lucas JeffreyNatural Resources B S  
Runck, Jeffrey PfaenderNatural Resources B S  
Rustan, Joshua MCriminal Justice B S  
Saeed, Mohamed AbdullaHlth Infor Priv Sec Hlth Care (certificate)  
Schabo, LisaEquine Science B S  
Schiller, Jeffrey JNatural Resources B S  
Schmidt, Robert WNatural Resources B S  
Schneider, Katie ElizabethEquine Science B S  
 Agricultural Business B S  
Schumacher, Allison AnnSport and Recreation Mgmt B SMarketing 
  Coaching Minor 
Seidel, Cory DNatural Resources B S  
Shaw, AllenAgricultural Business B S  
Shulstad, Nichole RaeAccounting B S  
Slover, Thomas GaryBusiness Management B S  
Smith, Miranda MApplied Health B A H High Distinction
Snow, Deandre Stafford BenjaminCommunication B S  
Stai, Lauren MAgronomy B S  
Stanley, Christa PaulineBusiness Management B S Distinction
Steen, AnnaEquine Science B SMarketing 
Stenger, ScottNatural Resources B S  
Stokes, Demi RaeEquine Science B SAnimal Science 
Strand, Lynsey RaeAccounting B S  
Stromme, Trevor JAgricultural Systems Mgmt B SAgric Business 
Suchla, Nicholas JohnHlth Infor Sftware Eng/IT Prof (certificate)  
Sullivan, Benjamin CharlesNatural Resources B SHorticulture 
Swenson, ChelseaSoftware Engineering B S  
Thomas, Stephanie MarieBusiness Management B S  
 Marketing B S  
Thomsen, Elisabeth MEquine Science B SAnimal Science 
Thon, Andrew NathanManufacturing Management B M M  
Tong, Jian Hao AlvinBusiness Management B S  
 Natural Resources B S  
Trotter, Julie AnnHotel/Rest/Tourism Mgmt B S Distinction
 Marketing B S Distinction
Tweed, Brady AlanAgronomy B S  
Vaughn, CraigAgricultural Systems Mgmt B S High Distinction
Walters, NicholasGolf and Turf Mgmt B S  
Wang, YijunSoftware Engineering B S  
Waters, Trenton RobertGolf and Turf Mgmt B S Distinction
Wegner, Trevor DavidNatural Resources B S  
Wells, Sara NicoleEquine Science B S  
 Biology B S  
Wendt, Benjamin GNatural Resources B S  
Westby, Abbie JeanAgricultural Education B SCoaching Minor 
Wilson, Cassie AnnNatural Resources B S  
Wright, JoscelynAccounting B S  
Yang, JieAgricultural Business B SMarketing 
Yimgnia, Christian GuyAccounting B S  
Younggren, Savannah RAgricultural Business B SAgronomy

Contact: Andrew Svec, director, communications, 218-281-8438 (asvec@umn.edu); Ruth Navarro, communications assistant, 218-281-8446 (nava0085@umn.edu); Elizabeth Tollefson, assistant director, communications, 218-281-8432 (ltollefs@umn.edu)