U of M, Crookston Announces Fall Semester 2012 Graduates

The Office of the Registrar at the University of Minnesota, Crookston recently announced its list of fall semester 2012 graduates. Students completed their degree requirements during fall semester 2012. 

The University of Minnesota, Crookston enrolls approximately 1,800 full-time students and is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. The U of M, Crookston is a four-year baccalaureate degree granting institution, dedicated to learning, discovery and engagement in northwest Minnesota. 

Fall semester graduates include
Adelman, PaulSport & Recreation Mgmt B SCoachingDistinction
Ahmed, Shukri A IIHlth Infor Priv Sec Hlth Care  
Alleman, Bill CaseyNatural Res B S  
Anderson, ChristopherNatural Res B S  
Anderson, David ThomasBusiness Management B S  
Anderson, Dominique NicoleApplied Health B A H  
Arndt, Casey JeanAgricultural Business B SEquine Science 
Arnspiger, Chelsi MarieCriminal Justice B S  
Babbish, YukoQuality Management B M M High Distinction
Becker Jr, William CharlesBusiness Management B S  
Bedard, Shannon MarieApplied Health B A H  
Beger, Kyle JNatural Res B S  
Blackwood, LisaCommunication B S  
Blakey, Roy JrManufacturing Management B M M High Distinction
Blom, Joann CathyMarketing B S  
Braaten, Jeremy CarlManufacturing Management B M M  
Broas, Kevin GordonApplied Studies B S  
 Hlth Infor Sftware Eng/IT Prof  
Brooks, Brett DuaneManufacturing Management B M M Distinction
 Business Management B S Distinction
Buse, Karissa MEquine Science B S  
Chiejina, Stephen NnamdiSport & Recreation Mgmt B SCoaching 
 Business Management B S  
Cloutier, Michael AnthonyBusiness Management B S  
Cody, Claudia GanganaBusiness Management B S  
Curry, Trista JeanApplied Studies B S  
Debeltz, Beth MHealth Management B S  
Dixon, Christiana OlubukolaBusiness Management B S  
Dohmeier, Nicole MarieAccounting B SBusiness Mgmt 
Dolezal, JohnManufacturing Management B M M  
Eckroad, Joseph AllynQuality Management B M M  
 Manufacturing Management B M M  
Fennell, Danae LOrganizational Psychology B S  
Ferrara, LaurenHotel/Rest/Tourism Mgmt B S  
Garcia, Salvador EApplied Studies B S  
Gilbert, William Sidney IVManufacturing Management B M M  
Gomez, Maria EugeniaApplied Studies B S  
Granfors, Jacob WilliamNatural Res B S Distinction
Grefsrud, Daniel RAgronomy B S  
Gregory, Stephen LManufacturing Management B M M  
Grillo, Sonya MApplied Studies B S  
Grinnell, Jessica LynnNatural Res B S  
Groves, Daniel AAgronomy B S  
Gurung, Yangchen DolkerBusiness Management B SCommunicationHigh Distinction
Hagen, Melissa IAnimal Science B SAgric Business 
Haney, Travis JamesNatural Res B S  
Harreld, Nicholas WilliamGolf and Turf Mgmt B S  
Heil, JonathanNatural Res B S  
Herder, Jeremy JamesCriminal Justice B S  
Hoffman, Kindra MarieNatural Res B S  
Hoium, Erin NAnimal Science B SEquine Science 
Holmstrom, Nathan EdwardGolf and Turf Mgmt B S  
Huang, ZhengSoftware Engineering B SInfo Tech Mgmt 
Huynh, TinaApplied Health B A H  
Iticha, Abbi MBusiness Management B S  
Jin, JingSoftware Engineering B S  
Johnson, Carrie LApplied Health B A H  
Johnson, Charles LAgricultural Systems Mgmt B S  
Johnson, DrewNatural Res B S  
Jorgenson, Colin MNatural Res B S  
Kezar, Katherine ANatural Res B S  
Kim, Min-SeongHotel/Rest/Tourism Mgmt B S  
Klehr, Nicholas AllenNatural Res B S  
Koch, Kristen LeighCommunication B S  
Koenig, Adam MCriminal Justice B S  
Koethe, Nicholas JayNatural Res B S  
Krause, Michael JosephCriminal Justice B S  
Langner, Miranda JoAccounting B S  
Lee, Sang HyungSoftware Engineering B S  
Lestingi, Lydia HAnimal Science B S  
Lohmann, Jacob DCriminal Justice B S  
Lombardi, Brian OAccounting B S  
Lopez, Alexander RayCommunication B S  
Lorenz, Craig PatrickSport & Recreation Mgmt B S  
Maanum, Mitchell WadeNatural Res B S  
Matzke, Jarod TNatural Res B S  
Meissner, BrendanAgricultural Business B S  
Melbye, JordanCommunication B S  
Meyer, Todd JamesApplied Health B A H  
Pokela, Darrin EQuality Management B M M  
Qian, JieBusiness Management B SAccounting 
Rasset, Christopher GaryManufacturing Management B M M  
Reichert, Charles AndrewManufacturing Management B M M  
Roberts, Christopher DApplied Studies B S Distinction
Roder, Ashley MeganSport & Recreation Mgmt B SBusiness MgmtDistinction
Rohloff, Christian LeeAgricultural Systems Mgmt B SAgric Business 
Sanders, Jacob Charles MarvinBiology B S  
Sathoff, Elizabeth AprilApplied Health B A H  
Schmitz, Matthew PaulNatural Res B S  
Selzler, Darin BernardCriminal Justice B S  
Seufert, Matthew WilliamNatural Res B S  
Sherod, Kayla AnnAnimal Science B S  
Sibert, Jeremy LCriminal Justice B S High Distinction
Sikorski, Jacqueline MarieApplied Health B A H  
Sletten, Ashley ReneeBusiness Management B S  
 Health Management B S  
Snyder, Ryan MNatural Res B S  
Sorlie, Katherine MarieBusiness Management B S  
Sperling, Shawn DNatural Res B S  
Spurdens, Karlie ElizabethAnimal Science B S  
Sun, GuangxianSoftware Engineering B S  
Sutterfield, SamuelMarketing B S  
Teixeira, Leonardo CotrimBusiness Management B S  
Thorne, Natalie PixieannApplied Studies B S  
Ulschmid, DanielleEarly Childhood Education B S  
Undis, Nicholas MarkManufacturing Management B M M  
Walsvik, Benjamin JoelNatural Res B S  
Wangen, Coty AllenAgronomy B S  
Weisner, Cory RobertSport & Recreation Mgmt B S  
Wentzel, Meredith SusannahHlth Infor Priv Sec Hlth Care  
Zaharia, AndrewAgricultural Systems Mgmt B SAgric Business 
Zwach, Peter A. JrSport & Recreation Mgmt B S 

Today the University of Minnesota, Crookston delivers 27 bachelor's degree programs, 18 minors, and 39 concentrations on campus--as well as 10 degrees online--in the areas of agriculture and natural resources; business; liberal arts and education; and math, science and technology.  With an enrollment of 1,800 undergraduates from 25 countries and 40 states, the Crookston campus offers a supportive, close-knit atmosphere that leads to a prestigious University of Minnesota degree.  "Small Campus. Big Degree."  To learn more, visit www.umcrookston.edu.

Contact: Andrew Svec, director of communications, marketing, and public relations, 218-281-8432 (asvec@umn.edu); Elizabeth Tollefson, assistant director, communications, 218-281-8432 (ltollefs@umn.edu)