Local Foods College to begin on Tuesday, January 21, 2014, and Run through Mid-March

Join us for the 2014 Local Foods College. The series of 8 sessions is designed for gardeners and farmers that are part of the growing community-based food system.  Sessions focus on production, food safety and marketing skills. 

The first session of the series will be held on the evening of Tuesday, January 21, 2013, and will continue on Tuesday evenings through mid-March. The series will be available via webinar at several locations throughout northern and central Minnesota, and may also be viewed at a home computer. Registration is FREE with print-your-own materials.  If you prefer to purchase printed materials, they are available, $30 for printed materials for the entire series mailed to you, and $25 for the Beginner Growers Manual. 

Session topics include: Soil Quality and Fertility; Specialty Products: Asparagus, Garlic, Wild Foods, Harvester Handbook;  Tree Fruit and Berries in High Tunnel; Post Harvest Handling and Storage, Peddling you Pickles Safely, Food safety for Famers Markets; Marketing Local Foods: and Commercial Kitchens for Processing Local Food.   

Participants will learn from practitioners, educators, and those involved in the growing movement to build resilient local foods systems. Participants will choose their level of participation and viewing location. 

The Local Foods College is part of a movement to strengthen local and regional food systems. The 2014 Local Foods College is supported by University of Minnesota Extension, the Statewide Health Improvement Program and North Country Community Transformation Grant.

For more detailed information and registration, visit: http://localfoods.umn.edu/college or call 888-241-0781. 

Contact: Linda Kingery, executive director, U of M Northwest Regional Sustainable Development Partnership, 218-281-8697 (kinge002@umn.edu)