Fall Semester 2013 Deans List Announced by U of M Crookston

Area students named to the fall semester 2013 Deans List at the University of Minnesota Crookston were announced by the Office of the Registrar. The U of M Crookston is one of the most respected career-oriented, technology-based universities in the nation.

To qualify for a place on the Deans List, students must complete 12 or more letter-graded (A-F) credits while attaining a 3.66 grade point average. The Crookston campus is the online leader in the University of Minnesota system and the only campus providing every full-time student with a laptop computer.

Included on the Fall Semester Deans List are the following students:
NameAcademic Plan
Abdullahi,Ali MApplied Studies BS
Abikar,Abdikafi MayowHealth Management BS
Adams,Alisah AnnEquine Science BS
Adeniyi,Timilehin KoladeSoftware Engineering BS
Albertsen,AndrewNatural Resources BS
Anderson,Karli MarieAnimal Science BS
Anderson,Kimberly JoyAccounting BS
Apakova,Olya VFinance BS
Baek,GyungyounHlth Sciences Pre Prof Tr BS
Bart,Ryan JNatural Resources BS
Barthel,Mitchel MDCriminal Justice BS
Beare,LoyApplied Studies BS
Beecher,ShionaManagement BS
Bendel,Cayla RNatural Resources BS
Berg,Steffanie JeanCommunication BS
Berglin,SamanthaCriminal Justice BS
Berglund,Tyler JamesBiology/Hlth Sciences BS
Bettencourt,SableEquine Science BS
Blomberg,JenniferHealth Management BS
Borowicz,Matthew GHlth Sciences Pre Prof Tr BS
Braatz,Bailey LanaeCommunication BS
Breitenfeldt,Brady JoeAnimal Science BS
Brock,KariAccounting BS
Bucholz,BenjaminAgricultural Business BS
Buesing,Samuel TManagement BS
Bunning,CarliNatural Resources BS
Burns,Kelli LCommunication BS
Busch,EliAgricultural Business/Agronomy BS
Cesarek,Dustin MatthewManagement BS
Cha,NouCriminal Justice BS
Charchenko,Angela LeanneAccounting BS
Choi,YeSeulManagement BS
Church,KenzieManagement/Marketing BS
Conwell,Alexander WPost-Secondary Enrollment Opt
Craft,Jacqueline MarieAccounting BS
Crook,AmandaAgricultural Business/Agronomy BS
Cymbaluk,Zach DAgricultural Business BS
Dahlgren,Kaleb PAgricultural Business BS
Dauphinais,Ellen TeresaAnimal Science BS
DeBoer,Alex BridenAgricultural Systems Mgmt BS
Deboer,BradyMarketing BS
DeBuhr,John WAviation BS
Delaney,ToynellManagement BS
Derosier,EricAgricultural Business BS
Dohmeier,AlexaAnimal Science BS
Dufault,Dorene JoyElementary Education BS
Dunker,Shane WalterInformation Technology Mgmt BS
Eluzai,Wani OliverSoftware Engineering BS
Erickson,Kali JoHlth Sciences Pre Prof Tr BS
Erickson,Kayla WAgr Education/Agr Business BS
Fillmore,RowennaAnimal Science BS
Finical,Gina JoHealth Management BS
Fliss,Courtney AnneAccounting BS
Gao,YaAccounting BS
Gau,Kallie NikolEarly Childhood Education BS
Gowan,Emily LHealth Management BS
Grams,AlishaNatural Resources BS
Gravelle,Matson PhilipGolf and Turf Mgmt BS
Guetter,RobertNatural Resources BS
Hagen,KatieAgricultural Business BS
Halligan,Rachel MarieEarly Childhood/Elem Education BS
Halvorson,Timothy MarcGolf and Turf Mgmt BS
Hartung,Ashlynn RGolf and Turf Mgmt/Horticulture BS
Heino,Laurel AshleyNatural Resources BS
Helle,MichaelInformation Technology Mgmt BS
Hennen,Jenna AshleyMarketing BS
Heppner,Seth ArnoldManagement BS
Herzog,Rochelle AAnimal Science BS
Hinzmann,Mary LAccounting BS
Hoffman,AshleyAgricultural Business/Agronomy BS
Homstad,Carolyn RoseAccounting BS
Horton,Jaimie LeeAccounting BS
Hughes,John DavidManagement BS
Hunt,Alexander JamesFinance BS
Jackson,Avery RochelleElementary Education BS
Jackson,Stephan TyleeAccounting BS
Jang,BomiMarketing BS
Jensen,Ashley NicoleHealth Management BS
Joerissen-Ward,Marcus AnthonySoftware Engineering BS
Johnson,Alexann KAccounting BS
Johnson,Angela LeeAccounting/Management BS
Johnson,Mehgan RoseMarketing BS
Joo,Jin KyungManagement BS
Joslyn,AmandaHealth Management BS
Khoshaba,Alexis SiobhanSport &Recreation Mgmt BS
Kim,YeonjinCommunication BS
Kleven,Kyle RAgricultural Business BS
Klungtvedt,Michael LeeManufacturing Management BMM
Knack,Jeffrey MCriminal Justice BS
Kolyesnykov,Pavlo OleksandrovichHealth Management BS
Korhnak,MatthewNatural Resources BS
Kwon,HanhaeManagement BS
LaCoursiere,Emmett PeterAnimal Science BS
Lamp,Kevin JNatural Resources BS
Larson,Dalton ChristianAccounting BS
Larson,Heather AnneManagement BS
Larson,RachelApplied Studies BS
Lawell,Travis JAgricultural Systems Mgmt BS
Lee,JaewooManagement BS
Lee,LauraAccounting BS
Lesch,IanCriminal Justice BS
Lowry,CynthiaAnimal Science BS
Lundquist,Darci DAgricultural Business BS
Madison Ocheltree,Amanda LynCommunication BS
Magdzas,TravisCriminal Justice BS
Manahan,Jordan RCommunication BS
McMahon,Michael ChristopherNatural Resources BS
McNamara,MollyCommunication BS
Medin,Jay BCommunication BS
Melin,Mariah CAnimal/Equine Science BS
Milner,GregAccounting BS
Mix,Michael AManagement BS
Morton,Angie LynnEarly Childhood/Elem Education BS
Morton,Kyle JacobNatural Resources BS
Nam,Seung JunAccounting BS
Navarro,RuthCommunication BS
Navratil,RichardSport &Recreation Mgmt BS
Nedrud,Hannah REquine Science BS
Newburg,Alyssa KEquine Science BS
O'Connell,StephanieAnimal/Equine Science BS
O'Neil,AddieAgricultural Education BS
Origas,Nicole MarieManagement BS
Ostergren,Kaitlyn MarieAccounting BS
Overman,Amanda REarly Childhood/Elem Education BS
Owl,ThomasSoftware Engineering BS
Page,Kristin LynnApplied Studies BS
Paris,Casey LeeAgricultural Business BS
Park,Hyo EunManagement BS
Pesall,Amberly JeanAgricultural Business/Equine Sci BS
Petersen,CoreyAgricultural Systems Mgmt BS
Peterson,Kalli AEarly Childhood Education BS
Peterson,Katrina JAnimal Science/Management BS
Pinder,JacobManagement BS
Plautz,Katelin MaryNatural Resources BS
Pollock,WhitneyAnimal/Equine Science BS
Potts,Douglas GAviation BS
Pruitt,JeffreyCommunication BS
Racette,JaredCriminal Justice BS
Ramsey,Megan CAnimal Science BS
Rieland,Katelyn AAnimal Science BS
Rozell,Sean JaredManagement BS
Rysavy,Kylie LApplied Studies BS
Schear,Samantha JeanAccounting/Management BS
Scully,Shannon RAnimal Science BS
Seifu,KirubelSoftware Engineering BS/Manufacturing Mgmt BMM
Selvestra,Drew ACriminal Justice BS
Sheetz,Kathryn ABiology BS
Shen,TaoqinEarly Childhood Education BS
Sigler,Ross AAccounting BS
Skwira,Zach JNatural Resources BS
Stang,Candice ElizabethManagement BS
Stay,JoyceInformation Technology Mgmt BS
Steinfeldt,Andrew RobertBiology/Hlth Sciences BS
Stomberg,TareynAnimal/Equine Science BS
Suchy,RebeccaAgricultural Business BS
Thielman,Alexa FHlth Sciences Pre Prof Tr BS
Thoreson,Elizabeth JohannaAgronomy BS
Thorne,Martin ENatural Resources BS
Thostenson,Jeffrey AllenQuality Management BMM
Tilleraas,DaKota NAnimal Science BS
Tjepkes,ThomasNatural Resources BS
Toenies,MatthewNatural Resources BS
Trost,Sierra MBiology BS
Twardy,Joseph AldonInformation Technology Mgmt BS
Van Dyke,HannahAnimal/Equine Science BS
Vendetti,Dena NCommunication BS
Wacker,Kurtis JGolf and Turf Mgmt BS
Walker,Kolton JohnManagement BS
Wallace,Wade AEnvironmental Sciences
Walters,MckaylaPost-Secondary Enrollment Opt
Wauzynski,Brittany LynnHealth Management BS
Wiesner,Chelsea ABiology/Hlth Sciences BS
Worm,Daniel KennethManagement BS
Yoon,YerimManagement BS
Zwicky,AnnaEquine Science BS

Today the University of Minnesota Crookston delivers 29 bachelor's degree programs, 20 minors, and 36 concentrations on campus--as well as 13 degrees online--in the areas of agriculture and natural resources; business; liberal arts and education; and math, science and technology.  With an enrollment of 1,800 undergraduates from more than 20 countries and 40 states, the Crookston campus offers a supportive, close-knit atmosphere that leads to a prestigious University of Minnesota degree.  "Small Campus. Big Degree."  To learn more, visit www.umcrookston.edu.

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