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Public Editor

Comments on the 9/30/09 issue of the UMD Statesman.

This week we hear from some new readers of the paper.

I teach a section of CLA 1001. It's a class for incoming students who've yet to declare a major. I assigned them a critique. They had to read this week's issue of the Statesman and drop me an email answering these two questions:

  • What's something you liked about the paper?

  • What's something you'd change to make it better?

There are 24 students in the class. Very few of them had read the paper before, so here's a slice of the Statesman's target audience reacting to the paper for the first time. Many of them said they were surprised and pleased at the quality of the Statesman. And they all had suggestions for improvements.

Let me be very clear: I didn't give the students any direction at all in reading or responding. I simply asked them the two questions above.

Here's a tally of their responses. (Note: Some people named a couple of specific things in their answers, so the numbers add up to more than 24.)

-Chris Julin