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Study Abroad is the what and the where

Hi and welcome to Minnesota-Morris' Study Abroad blog. I'm Paula O'Loughlin, Associate Professor of Political Science and Director of UMM's Academic Center for Enrichment (ACE). ACE was created to provide one-stop information shopping for Morris students interested in exploring academically related activities outside the traditional classroom. At ACE (located in Student Center 5), you can learn about our Honors program, all of our undergraduate research programs, competitions for national scholarships like the Rhodes, our National Student Exchange program, and, of course,study abroad.
Students who come to ACE always have lots of questions related to the experience of studying abroad so we thought why not make it possible to hear from real Morris people as they experience life in another country. And so the Morris Study Abroad blog was hatched.
We have asked several Morris students who are spending this term (Spring 2009) abroad to blog on their experiences a bit. We hope you will enjoy this glimpse into studying abroad. After you have been inspired for your own trip, come down to the ACE office or email us ( or oloughpl) so we can talk about how and when to do it. Morris offers a wide variety of study programs so there's always something that will work for you.



Great idea with this blog run. I myself studied abroad in London and if at the time we had a facility like this I would have loved to write about my experiences.

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