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Jeg Elsker Morgenmad (I Love Breakfast)

IMG_2153.JPGI've no idea why, but in both countries I've visited, the locals seem to believe that all Americans eat cornflakes. Say what? I don't even remember having cornflakes in the house when I was little--though occasionally we'd have Frosted Flakes, and I guess those count for something. I suppose my family never had all the traditional cereals around anyway (for which I'm grateful), but I don't recall anticipating having cornflakes for breakfast after sleepovers at other girls' houses, either. Now, doughnuts were highly anticipated, as were Lucky Charms, which my family didn't buy, but cornflakes made no appearance on the breakfast table.

In India this summer, one of my accomodating employers remarked upon how many varieties of this popular cereal we had back in the states, in comparison to India. But, wait a minute...India has banana-flavored cornflakes...not to mention four other flavors I'd never even imagined going along with such an ordinary cereal. I guess you have to spice it up somehow, but sugar's the only topping I've ever had with cornflakes.

During breakfast my first morning in Denmark, my hostmom, seeing me chomping on whatever their odd, puffy bran cereal is, said she could buy some cornflakes soon, and that they could get whatever else I liked. Um...okay? I had, as a matter of fact, become rather addicted to cornflakes with hot milk, whilst in India, but, yeah....okay. All I said was, "Great! Sure. Okay."

And now there sits, atop the refrigerator, a mongo box of Kelloggs Cornflakes: Original and the best! Only, here, I eat them with strawberry yoghurt that comes in a milk carton.


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