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Webster defines 'boring' as opening a speech, announcement, or vignette with a definition no one actually requires. Actually, that's how I define 'boring'; Webster's definition would probably be much less caustic. But I am going to provide you with a definition just now:
Smørrebrød: A Danish open-faced sandwich which consists of buttered bread (and often some sort of cheese) covered in all sorts of crazy toppings; for example: liver paste on white bread with ham and mustard and pickled beet, or smoked eel on dark rye bread with boiled eggs and radishes; the list of toppings is endless.
I'd been in Denmark for about three and a half months before I tasted real Smørrebrød for the first time. It was at a Danish 'Hygge Night' held as part of my Danish class.
It was...interesting. I really like the idea of it, anyway: all the possibilities for sandwich-toppers and all that. Not to mention that the Danish rye bread, or rugbrød, is absolutely amazing. When Oprah visited Copenhagen to do her show on 'The Happy Danes,' she described rugbrød by saying that "it's like eating earth." I've heard a few people criticize her for this, but obviously she was complimenting the bread, since she raved about taking several loaves home with her. Plus, I kind of think of earth-tastiness as a good thing. I mean, if the earth ('earth' used here as a synonym for dirt or something, not the planet itself) is clean, it's like eating a little slice o' nature, right?
I still haven't seen Oprah's program on the Danes. I never watch her show anyway, but I thought I might be interested in seeing her take on the Danish culture. However, I've since realized that I don't expect her to say anything but nice things on her show. How could she do anything else? Besides, I know what I think of the culture, and having lived here for four months and experienced it firsthand, I'll take my knowledge over that of an American tv host who visited for a week. I would say that I'm interested in Obama's impressions, because he undoubtedly has some from working with various diplomats, but I also recognize that a) there would never exist a forum in which he could share his personal thoughts, and b) he was only in the country for, what, six hours? for the Chicago Olympics promotion, though I hear he's coming back for the COP15 (Hurrah!!!).


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