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June 15, 2011

Hello from Dublin!

Alex Wallace
Cambridge, MN '12

Hello from Dublin!

I've been here for three days, and already I can tell that Dublin is an extraordinary city. Everyone I know who has traveled to Dublin, or Ireland in general, has told me that the people are wonderful, the atmosphere is excellent, the scenery is beautiful, and that I'll never want to leave. I can now confirm that this is all true - and I haven't even been outside the city yet! When I decided to intern in Dublin, I was a little surprised at myself. It's so far outside my comfort zone to leave home, especially for the next 7 weeks, and immerse myself in a culture that approaches the workplace so differently than anything I've experienced at home. As a political science major, I was placed as an intern in the office of Deputy Anthony Lawlor, TD, a member of the Irish House of Representatives. After my first meeting with the Deputy, I am looking forward to begin my internship! I'm also looking forward to exploring the rest of the city, and the country. As I'm here with a group of students, most of whom are not from UMM, or even Minnesota, we have been making plans to travel on the weekends to Galway, Cork, Limerick, Belfast, the Cliffs of Moher, and the Wicklow Mountains, amongst other places. Afterward, I plan on traveling with Allie Welter, Stillwater '12, to Edinburgh, Scotland, and to London, England. I hope both of those cities are as wonderful as Dublin as been thus far. Some people might say, but Alex, you've only been there three days! How can you know if it will be wonderful in 6 weeks? To that, I'd say that you'd have to be here to understand. The people are so friendly, the city itself is not some huge metropolis (it's under 1 million people in the city proper), and the atmosphere is laid back. I can only hope that I'll have a lot of entertaining stories for everyone back at home when I get back.

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