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familiar places, unfamiliar spaces

Brittany Anderson
3 January 2012
Title: familiar places, unfamiliar spaces

Since Educo, we've been experiencing Nate Whittaker Boot Camp, and its been great. We got back on New Year's Eve and didn't waste time hitting up the mall at V&A Waterfront in search of accessories for the celebration. But, I didn't end up buying anything, which could have been a sign for my evening. I ended up going to Long Street with the rest of the group, but after a while, I wasn't feeling well. And it wasn't like I was sick from drinking the water or sick from being in a car, it was a pain I knew all too well: my friend kidney stone had returned. We haven't seen each other since August, but it made sense; I had been in the mountains, doing vigorous activity with little care about my hydration and I sweat a lot.

Two of my friends brought me home while I was crying in pain in the backseat of the cab. Luckily, one of my friends, Kasey, who I happen to live with, had had a kidney stone before. She stayed cool and calm and collected and there's no way I could ever repay her for being with me. Nate ended up driving us to the hospital and sitting with me and Kasey after getting an IV and morphine and anti-nausea medication. I was the only one in the ER so I had like three nurses around me, rubbing my back and holding my hand, calling me lovey. Evidently at one point, the nurse had touched my back and I had thought it was Nate.

When we were getting ready to leave to hospital, Nate, Kasey and I were the victims of crime. That sounds so intense. Really, we walked out, Nate tried to start the car and lo and behold, the battery was missing. At 5 am, you really take the mundane things like car batteries for granted. Since then, the car and the battery have been replaced and the three of us made it home safely.

When I first visited Cape Town with Papa Shahz, he brought us to District Six Museum to learn about forced removal in South Africa. Great minds do think alike because I found myself there for a second time. This time, though, Nate brought us to the sites our tour guide had talked about, the Tech College, the flattened space where hundreds, if not thousands of homes used to stand, now hundreds of homeless people spend their days. The location is considered a World Heritage Site, but is littered with glass and well, litter. Third world South Africa located right in the heart of the First World Cape Town.

We hit the ground running and headed off to St. George's Crypt, which was phenomenal. Although, I don't remember a huge amount of the information provided for us there due to my medication, I remember being in awe of how religion motivates people.

Another familiar place was the Eastern Food Market. I remember eating there when I was in Cape Town for spring break. Its sort of a bizarre bazaar for food with everything ranging from shwarma, which was delicious, to chicken fried rice.

We then hit up my second love in the world, Mr. Price. Of course I got some clothes and two pairs of shoes, but it's so cheap, who could resist?!



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