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Forgiveness is hard, bru

I got my debit card stolen. Long story short, I let my guard down and thought the guy was showing me how to work the ATM. As I waited for my card to come out, I relized I had been played. I'm glad that only my debit card was stolen ( and so far $185) because it could have been so much more could have been stolen. I'll probably get a refund for the stolen money and a replacement card for free. So for taking advantage of three unsuspecting American girls, three men got away with roughly R2800 or $400. All I can hope is that they needed the money. I lost a hundred dollars at Morris this past month. I feel more stupid about that one as it was completely in the open for anyone to go into my purse and take but it's making me question why I am so trusting of people I don't know. I guess it's just my need to want to please or help people. But really, I want to talk about forgiveness. The Truth and Reconcilliation Commission (TRC) was created to help heal the atrocities which the country faced during Apartheid using a process by applying for amnesty. I mean, in the long run, I think that the TRC will help bring South Africa into a more community-like state. I really believed that the TRC was the best thing that could happen to South Africa after Apartheid ( aside from the world cup being here last year), until we watched Bill Moyer's Facing the Truth: Part 1 in class. When I was able to see the families and friends of people who's lives had been taken during Apartheid their pain became more real. I think it would be extremely hard to forgive someone for not only killing your loved one, but for applying for amnesty just because they believe they won't have to go to jail. None of the families in the video had been apologized to by those applying for amnesty.

Forgiveness is hard. A country can work toward a better future by accepting the problems of the past as the guilt can be spread across plenty of people. I find it hard to believe that individuals find it so easy to forgive the wrong-doers. I believe that with the support of a community, one can find it easier to forgive as they will have someone to fall back on through the difficult times that may lie ahead. I'm not really sure I have ever forgiven someone for a large issue.

Fun things!
Yesterday we went on a safari!!! The second I saw that big ole elephant walk right past our 4x4 I was so excited that I literally didn't stop smiling until I realized how much my face hurt. We then went out to dinner for Courtney's birthday which was super fun. Today we went to the Waterfront, where we spend a LOT of time, and had breakfast with Nj, one of the program coordinators. Afterwards we went to Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was held for 18 of his 27 years in prison. It was really eerie. I could tell that there was such rich history surrounding the island and it was really just a great experience overall. After almost getting sick on the ride back to the mainland, a few of us went out for dinner and shopped around ( I got a swimsuit top!). While checking out, the lady asked me if it was the seventh or the eighth today. I still have no idea because I have lost all track of time in South Africa. There's a joke that you never expect South African to be on time. If you say let's meet at seven, you literally have until seven fifty nine until they are late.
Tomorrow we got back to Delft, the township we volunteer in, and I am so excited to go back. On Friday we did home visits in small groups. The house we went to had seven children living in it with no parents. After an hour of playing around with the kids, a drunk neighbor showed up claiming we were doing this for the media and that she would take pictures of us and put them in the South African media showing everyone how terrible we are. She then told us it was rude to play with people's lives like that. I had a great time until this happened. I'm really trying to focus on the positive aspects of the situation, but this rude, drunk lady was mad that we were playing at the house with no parents around and not at her house with her kids. I had a great time dancing, face painting and playing soccer with the kids and I cannot wait to do it again.

I also decided that I'm not leaving South Africa. :)


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