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home is where the heart is.

Brittany Anderson

28 December 2011

Title: Home.

I have so many feelings.

I love being back in South Africa. I love being able to get a Hunter's Dry and go to Pick N Pay. I love getting a Steers Cone for R3.50. Buying Airtime. Buying internet. Buying electricity.
Everything feels so much more natural and comes so easy to me here.

My room has the only skylight in the house. it's pretty neat. I thought I'd miss having a roommate because I often get lonely in my own room at school, but I'm finding that I hang out in the living room with Kasey, Shira and Andrea a lot. I can walk outside and see Lion's Head Mountain from the road. The beauty of the nature here astounds me sometimes.

I keep thinking about the last time I was here. Obviously not in the same places, but similar. I miss PE a lot, but I'm partial to Cape Town. Living at Osborne is more independent than Annie's and we have a lot more space. I remember being one of the youngest in the group last time. One who was inexperienced with drinking and 36 hours of airports and driving on the other side of the road. Now its almost the opposite; I'm one of the veterans, helping people with what they should get for groceries, doing conversions in my head for rand, working the plug ins. I know I've only been here for less than 24 hours, but I'm considering not coming back. I was scared for this.

I woke up a little early and walked around Mowbray with Andrea, Shira, Scott, Carla, Daisy and Angela. We discovered that there are a lot of hair places around here. We found essential things like the indian restaurant and the laundry place. When we got back, we had a little time to hang out and at 11:30 we had orientation at the bed and breakfast next door. I sat in the sun so i could work on my base. After the 2.5 hour orientation, we were all starving. it was perfect that interstudy had planned a braai for us. There was chicken skewers, which kelly loved, boerwoers, and lamb steaks. it was alll so good. I've missed braais. We then packed up 3 minibusses and headed for UCT's upper campus. There were absolutely gorgeous views.

They then took us to PIck n Pay where we grocery shopped for food for when we return from our three day retreat. I picked up some candy, juice, naartjie sparkling water, pasta, still water, and vitasnacks! The bean and I finished shopping early so we ran across the street to Steers. We got Steers Cones, which are the absolute best ice cream in the whole wide world. It was like I was 19 again. Then some of us were hanging out in the kombi and Shira was teaching us all about keeping kosher. Legit stuff. I'm learning more here than I expected!



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