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Graffiti in Granada

Hola, que tal?
For this entry, I'm just going to tell people a little about the street art I've been running into over here in Granada. The most predominant is the Graffiti on the walls of buildings or whatever other kinds of walls there are in cities. First, there's the typical stupid graffiti that ruins it for all the other graffiti. The tags that are poorly done or the expressions of youthful love that will never die, we all know how that turns out. There's a whole wall of these in the Frederico García Lorca park, amongst the artistic expressions is a shout out to arguably the world's best bands. Linkin Park. Don't ask... it is seriously just the name of the band sprayed on the wall, no shading or texture or anything fancy. I crack up every time I see it.
A very specific type of graffiti is the art, it is true art, done by the artist known as 'El niño de las pinturas' his works are often social commentaries, very colorful and detailed.  He uses human figures the most along with phrases of inspiration or criticism and cogged wheels to symbolize a dream.  They're really fantastic, I would include a pic if I weren't so tech unsavvy. Maybe google it if you want to see, or wait til I'm back next year.
The last 'genre' of graffiti that I want to talk about is the angry rips on the government done by the anarchists of the city. The economic state of Spain is in shambles, not quite Greece status, but certainly worse than the states. The unemployment and underemployed figures are staggering.  With that bit of info in your pockets, I was walking past an official building of the bank of spain and someone had painted LADRONES on the side, which means thieves. There are other things all over the city that I've stumbled upon on my walking, for instance a pair of 'Spain is pain' and 'Spain is not Spain'.  Another calls for free abortion and adoption, one more says the Albaicín's doing things right- calling for a better sense of community. I want to find some friendly anarchists and be friends with them.
In other news- I just got back to Spain after spending a week in Slovakia with one of my best friends.  I got to go to a sauna spa (so great) re-learned how to ski and many other fun activities.  Skiing is way hard this time around, I'm worse than Bridget Jones in the second movie. Good times, my entire body is covered in bruises... and it's been four or five days. Slow healing I guess. Tonight, my 'real' classes start! I'm pretty excited, I'll be taking them in Spanish so hopefully I'll be getting WAY better at listening, and I can meet all sorts of new friends. I'm taking Cultura islámica en España/Islamic Culture in Spain, a Spanish grammar/writing class, La imagen de la mujer en la literatura española/Portrayal of Women in Spanish Lit, Historia de España (desde Franco hasta la actualidad)/History of Spain (Franco to now), and Historia del cine español/History of Spanish Film. Pretty cool schedule, I don't have class until 6:30 on Monday's and Wednesday's, but I'm in class ALL DAY on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but nothing Fridays! Welcome to the 3 day weekend :) and a better running schedule.

Until next time! Hasta Luego.


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