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Mid-way? NO WAY!

As you may or may not have guessed from my super duper clever title, I have just finished my mid-terms here in Granada at the Centro por Lenguas Modernas, o CLM.  That means that in just about 2 more months I will be DONE with classes. WHATTTTT? That is crazy. Luckily, I've extended my travel plans until mid-July so I can have a chance to explore more of Europe and maybe even  work on a farm in Spain!
Some of you reading the blog may actually be curious in what I'm doing at school, so I'll briefly touch on the tests. I only had 3 because one of my classes is for speaking and therefore we aren't tested on paper but 'performance'. I'm sure that if you know me at all, you also know I really struggle in that class... Another class is a film class for which we have an ongoing film journal and a final project.  My Islamic Culture in Spain class was my first final, and it kicked my butt. I studied all weekend prior to it and during the day on Monday. Showed up to class at 6:30, prof rolled in late, asked when the test was, then proceeded to write the test on Word as we sat there.  There were 2 essay prompts that vaguely said write as much as you know about this general 100 year span. Include every detail imaginable, clothing, art, politics, war. HA. Was not prepared for that format. Also, he's the Center's hardest grader. Perfect. On the upside I cleaned up in my Spanish history test about Franco and the Civil War in the 30s and also in my Art History class. Goya's got nothin' on me.  So those are done, and it's very much relieving.
Now for something a bit more interesting, I thought I'd share something about who I live with, get into the nitty gritty of living with a typical Spanish family. You may find they're a lot like the sitcom families we watch on TV:
1) I live with a blind abuela, or Granny, as I call her.  She spends all day everyday sitting in her chair rosary praying and listening to the TV or radio.  She much prefers music than listening to shows or documentaries.  Granny sits at her table all day, moves from her arm chair to the wood chair when it's time to eat and bangs her way down the hall when she needs  a potty break.  When she hears you enter the room she never fails to tell you how bored or lonely she is, all the while refusing to go sit on the terrace to take in the fresh air and sunshine nor will she go for a walk.  She's a very sweet woman who grew up a youth of Franco but since he's been out of the picture she's a proud Socialist.  Quick story: I went out for a few hours to run some errands today when I got back, I was starving so I went into the kitchen to warm up lunch. Granny heard me and called to me so I walk into the living room. BAM. Granny's diggin in her pants. Like she's standing up, skirt pulled up around her waist, granny panties around the ankles while still another pair of granny panties are in proper position as she is fishing around fixing her over sized adult diaper pad.  All I can say is sweet baby jesus thank GOD she's blind. Because I can't even start to think about the look I had on my face. I was definitely taken aback, but she didn't seem to mind, it's possible she thought I was still in the kitchen. Where I fled to as soon as possible.  So that happened.
2) Marieta is my mom. Probably one of the looniest people I've met. She is always stressed about her daughter and about money (she's an architect and no architects are working in Spain currently due to shitty economy). However, she still goes out for hours on end with friends and is constantly persuading the daughter to buy more clothes. No idea where this money is coming from. She also hires a maid to come clean and do all the house chores she ALSO complains about doing but never actually does.  This being said, I do really like her. She's spunky and into get-rich-quick schemes. Hardly ever a dull moment. She is also very helpful as an anti-smoking campaign. I awake nightly from her gut wrenching smokers coughs. I can't believe she hasn't quit or died yet.
3) Claudia. 18 year old princess who refuses to go to school, nor will get a job. Her favorite past times are coddling the puppy, shopping, whining, yelling at Marieta and being gorgeous. She is very shy and I can't really relate to her. Though I've tried.
4) Chanel. The puppy. She loves me. She's always around to greet me and never misses a chance to get my pants dirty with her nasty mouth that traps all sorts of bogus particles. Ick. But she's cute so whatever.

Congrats on making it to the end of my family album! I hope you feel your life is enhanced now. If not, I'm sorry, listen to this song to try and get any sort of joy out of this entry:
By artist Francisca Valenzuela, I'm diggin it right now.

Caio y besos!


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