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April 21, 2012

Todo es Posible en Granada

¡Buenos Días!
Today I have a small story of inspiration, and I want to write it down, but I'm not in the mood to sit on my computer so it's going to be short, sweet and poorly written. ¿Vale? Vale.

So it goes: I've signed up to take Flamenco lessons here in Spain! Amazing, huh? I'm stoked. But I'm also nervous because the first two lessons have been a struggle, on account of... dancing isn't a strong suit of mine.  Anyway, yesterday I went to go purchase the shoes {which are going to come home with me by hook or by crook} and as I walked towards class I couldn't stop thinking about what a cool experience it is that I'm in Flamenco classes here. Passing the city hall, I happened upon what looked like a dance recital of sorts.   There were multiple groups of uniformed women in vestidos gitanas (flamenco dresses), a circle of spectators, and in the circle a belly dancing group of abuelas (grandmas)!! They looked great! The dancing abilities ranged from pathetic to passable, but they all had smiles and were flaunting everything they've got.  It was such a fun performance, they got the audience involved in a dancing snake at the end even.  As I watched these 70 (?) year old women (who grew up under the dictatorship of Franco) learning to BELLY DANCE I got so much inspiration to go learn Flamenco.  If old ladies can sexy dance, this giri (Spanish version of Gringo/a) can learn the gypsy dance.  There's an old Spanish film called 'Todo es posible en Granada' and that group of 'young' women showed me so.  I love this place! You should all come visit.

If you're interested in hearing some real good Flamenco music, check out Camarón de la Isla.  Do yourself a favor and wikipedia him and listen on Spotify or YouTube.
Here's a sample:

Hasta Proximo!å

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