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IKEA, Here and There

August 8th, 2013
     "Bruised and sullen stormclouds have the light of day obscured." - Rush
     It's been cloudy and rainy since I got to Norway. The rain has not been too oppressive; only sudden, light spurts here and there. Still, I really want to get out and take some pictures of the city in the sunlight. Gray does not lend itself well to showing off Oslo.
     It's my third day here, and I'm feeling much better situated. I've also come to a bit of a realization; though I felt pretty miserable and lonely my first few days here, the feeling was not nearly as bad as I would expect from being a world away from everything familiar. It might help that Norwegian culture is not drastically different from Minnesotan culture, but I feel a sense of worldly confidence developing already, that I will be able to survive no matter where I end up. It's still much too early to say if this feeling is warranted, but for the sake of self-fulfilling prophecy, I like to think that the feeling is justified.

     Alltid var jeg så nær hjemmet. Ingen mer. Jo, jeg håper som jeg kan lage et nyt hjem her. Det skal være vanskelig, men jeg vet som jeg kan gjøre det.


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