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Keeping in Contact

November 6, 2013

During my 2 months here in Glasgow, I realized that I was not phoning/emailing home as much as I should have been. The experiences that I have been having here are wonderful and amazing, but they take up most of my thoughts. A little advice for anyone planning on studying abroad- when you email or phone home, don't just talk about yourself and your experiences. Yes, your family will of course want to hear about them, but keep it to the really important things you want to tell them, otherwise your family may feel entirely disconnected from you.

On to other news, Scotland is a great place to travel to. I've been to so many different places while I have been here, including: Loch Lomond, Glen Coe, Isle of Skye, Loch Ness and Inverness, just to name a few. These places are all in the highlands of Scotland, and the beauty of it is hard to put in words-so I'll post some pictures. 

It's called Study Abroad for a reason. Yes, the obvious reason is that you are studying somewhere other than your home University. The other reason is that while you are studying, you can also travel around. I get to travel around Scotland, the UK, and Europe. I am taking full advantage of my time here because I will never be able to afford this again. Plus, most of my friends that I have made here also want to travel, which can make everything even more fun. University life in Scotland is a lot different than the U.S. I get a lot of free time on my hands, while I continue to attend my lectures and finish my readings, I also have a lot of time to take day trips and explore the city. Another piece of advice: take advantage of the country that you are living in, there are so many sites to explore there instead of galavanting off into different places.

-Rachael Blais


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