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December 8th, 2013

While my first semester is winding down here at the University of Glasgow, I have become more and more frantic about my friendships I have made here. That may seem odd, however, my life here has granted me the opportunity to meet other wonderful study abroad students, and be that as it may, many of my friends happen to also be American. Most of them are only here for the one semester, and so my journey to meet new people will begin all over again come January. 

I have loved being able to get to know other international students, whether they are study abroad or full time students, because they know exactly what I am experiencing during my time abroad. They have also been great companions on trips and journeys exploring Glasgow and different towns and countries.

It's a little odd to not have many Scottish/British friends, however, but I have pondered the reasons. 1. The University of Glasgow has literally hundreds (maybe thousands) of international students. It has become very common for me to be in a class of 50, and half of them being international students. 2. I am taking level 3 and 4 courses in Psychology, most students already have friend groups, they are no longer freshers and are less apt to finding new friends as their last years wrap up. 

I said from the beginning I would try to make friends with whomever came my way, whether it be other Americans (even some Minnesotans), other international students, or British students. I am so grateful for all the people that I have met and became close with, and am looking forward to, and a little reluctant to, meeting new study abroad students and making new friends next semester. 

On an earlier post, I mentioned that I have not felt the effects of the "W-Curve." I still haven't really! I only have 2 exams this December, which may not seem like much. Looking into spring semester, I have 9 exams and a 60 page portfolio- how's that for different from Morris? 
I feel that once spring semester begins, I will  be in a whole new whirlwind of my study abroad experience.

-Rachael Blais


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