Homecoming Tug of War 2012

The 39th annual Homecoming Tug of War between David C. Johnson Independence Hall and Clayton A. Gay Hall was held at Big Cat stadium on Thursday, September 20th.

After a hard fought tug, David C. Johnson Independence Hall won the tug and the naming rights to the lake.

Group Photo after the tug.JPG

The Tug of War has been a tradition at UMM since 1974. David C. Johnson Independence Hall has won the event 20 times, Clayton A. Gay Hall has won the event 18 times and there has been one tie. The winner of the Tug of War gets naming rights to the lake area between the two halls for the academic year.

DCJI Flag.JPG Group Photo by Flag.JPG Close up of Trophy.JPG
Tug of War Rope - Indy side.jpg

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