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complete all questions: THE FINAL TASK

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1. Go to the new employee Google site and in the amazing extension race spreadsheet add your name and the date you completed all the questions. Post your success on the blog to get your prize.

1. Complete your CV and send to it to your program leader for review.

2. What are your professional development needs? Find one book/article that addresses that need from the library and have it delivered to your office.

3. Identify three professional associations in addition to Extensions (JCEP, esp, NAE4-HA, NACAA, NEAFCS, ANREP, NACDEP) and describe why it would be helpful for you to join. Blog about one association.

4. Explore the UMN training site for professional development opportunities.

5. Go to the employee self-service site and let us know how many days of vacation have you accrued? Explore all the services available to you and post on the blog one service you plan on using that is offered by the University.

6. Sign up and attend the UMN new employee orientation. Once you complete post your impressions on the blog.

7. What is a REPA form? Go the extension Human Resource intranet page and post three useful resources on the blog.

complete all questions: information technology

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1. Set up a conference call with two or more new employees.

2. Create an UMConnect meeting about your topic of choice based on information in the extension intranet and find at least three other people to attend. Have one of those people blog about your UMConnect.

3. Like the extension FB page, Utube, and twitter and add extension quick bytes to your Google + circle.

4. Call the help desk and make a blog post about the top three resources that IT has to offer.

complete all questions: your programming

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1. What are three outputs and three outcomes of your programming? Put them into a logic model format and upload to the new employee Google site.

2. Identify three faculty members whose research aligns with your work. Find two articles from academic journals where their research has been published and obtain a copy.

complete all questions: communications

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1. Create a five slide PowerPoint using an extension template with only information from one SOURCE magazine. Post on the blog.

2. Develop an elevator pitch about your programming and upload on the new employee Google site. Make sure to use an extension template and post elevator pitch on the blog.

1. Order an extension tee ($15 maximum) online and use this chart string x, y, z.

2. Complete an expense report and have a support staff review for accuracy. Take a picture of you with the form and upload on the blog!

3. Contact Dianne Sivald, Extension's Grant Manager to introduce yourself and your work.

4. Sign up for RSS feed or a specific federal funding agency to receive email notification of new grant opportunities.

5. Bookmark and browse U of M Internal Funding Opportunities on the OVPR web site:

6. Call your accounting contact to learn what the top three mistakes educators make and their favorite snack.

7. Create a song or Rap or something like that about the following information and post on the blog.

• How often do you need to complete reimbursements?
• How many cents to the mile is reimbursed?
• Where does travel start?
• Do I need receipts for my meals?
• If I have a very long work day can I be reimbursed for lunch?
• What is ECRT?

complete all questions: compliance

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1. Watch the New Employee Orientation Video that is on the UMN OHR website and answer the following questions.

• What are the University's guiding principles?
• What is a Land Grant University?
• What is the three part mission?
• What are three of the ten principles in the Code of conduct?
• Why was the University created? (to generate, share, and apply knowledge)

2. Blog about one of the services offered from the Office for Equity and diversity.

1. Write a brief bio about yourself and introduce yourself to the other bloggers.

2. Interview one extension educator in each of the centers and the regional partnerships other than yours. Discover how their programming meets extension's mission, if you have shared audiences and/or goals, how they evaluate their programming, and how they fund (grants, fees, contracts, gifts) their programming. Blog about what you learned and email the blog link to the person you interviewed.

3. Interview a regional director and discover what is unique to their position. Blog about what you learned and email the blog link to the person you interviewed.

4. Identify three teams your programming would add value to in another center and explain why.

5. Make sure your email has an email signature and send an email to Renee Pardello that includes one example about how your programming is connected to another country.

6. Find an interesting fact about the regional or local office and blog about it.

1. What are the five goals of the strategic plan and how can you address with your programming? Post one example on the blog.

2. Find one story about the US Cooperative Extension history and post on the blog.
3. Where does extension get its funding?

4. What is the role of the extension committee?

5. What tribes and bands of American Indians are in MN and what programming does extension do with three of the bands?

6. What programming does extension do with the following immigrant groups in MN? Somalia, Hmong, and Latino?

7. What are the demographic projections for your target audiences in the next 5, 10, and 20 years? Make three PowerPoint slides, use an extension template, and post to the New Employee Google site.

creating blog entries

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To create a new entry to the New Employee Orientation
1. Go to:
2. Login to UThink using x500 & password
3. From top link: System Overview, select "New Employee Orientation"
4. Select "Write entry" tab
5. Write a title and blog entry, or copy it in from MS Word or elsewhere.
6. Add a few tags that describe your subject and make sure your first TAG is your x500.
7. You can preview the page by selecting "preview". If you want to edit some more, use the blue button at top to "re‐edit entry".
8. When you are finished, "Save ".
9. Your blog entry will be published on instantaneously.
10. You will receive an email when someone comments. You should respond right away.

To comment on an existing entry
1. Go to the blog page:
2. After reading the entry, if you want to comment, click on the article title.
3. Log in using x500 at the bottom of the page. A text box will appear. Type or copy your comment.
4. You can preview how it will look but be sure to submit before leaving the page.

Tips on writing blog posts
1. Write conversationally, the way you would speak to a peer at a conference. Say what you think! If writing, please include:
• A suggested headline, shorter and catchier.
• Links to any articles or websites you mention. Just copy and paste the URL into the post
• Supply or suggest an image to illustrate the post. You can upload the image along with your post
2. Elicit conversation: Include questions for your readers to respond to, wonder aloud, refer to other blog entries.
3. Or you could make a video, such as an interview with someone prominent in the field.