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Complete #1 and three more questions: human resources

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1. Complete your CV and send to it to your program leader for review.

2. What are your professional development needs? Find one book/article that addresses that need from the library and have it delivered to your office.

3. Identify three professional associations in addition to Extensions (JCEP, esp, NAE4-HA, NACAA, NEAFCS, ANREP, NACDEP) and describe why it would be helpful for you to join. Blog about one association.

4. Explore the UMN training site for professional development opportunities.

5. Go to the employee self-service site and let us know how many days of vacation have you accrued? Explore all the services available to you and post on the blog one service you plan on using that is offered by the University.

6. Sign up and attend the UMN new employee orientation. Once you complete post your impressions on the blog.

7. What is a REPA form? Go the extension Human Resource intranet page and post three useful resources on the blog.

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