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creating blog entries

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To create a new entry to the New Employee Orientation
1. Go to:
2. Login to UThink using x500 & password
3. From top link: System Overview, select "New Employee Orientation"
4. Select "Write entry" tab
5. Write a title and blog entry, or copy it in from MS Word or elsewhere.
6. Add a few tags that describe your subject and make sure your first TAG is your x500.
7. You can preview the page by selecting "preview". If you want to edit some more, use the blue button at top to "re‐edit entry".
8. When you are finished, "Save ".
9. Your blog entry will be published on instantaneously.
10. You will receive an email when someone comments. You should respond right away.

To comment on an existing entry
1. Go to the blog page:
2. After reading the entry, if you want to comment, click on the article title.
3. Log in using x500 at the bottom of the page. A text box will appear. Type or copy your comment.
4. You can preview how it will look but be sure to submit before leaving the page.

Tips on writing blog posts
1. Write conversationally, the way you would speak to a peer at a conference. Say what you think! If writing, please include:
• A suggested headline, shorter and catchier.
• Links to any articles or websites you mention. Just copy and paste the URL into the post
• Supply or suggest an image to illustrate the post. You can upload the image along with your post
2. Elicit conversation: Include questions for your readers to respond to, wonder aloud, refer to other blog entries.
3. Or you could make a video, such as an interview with someone prominent in the field.