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If dairy cows drink water containing high levels of arsenic, will milk laced with arsenic end up in cheese, butter, milk and yogurt?" A group of Otter Tail County dairy farmers posed this question to their local Extension educator, Vince Crary, back in 2003.

Retail businesses improve quality of life. They provide income to owners, jobs that stay in the community, and access to vital products for local residents.

We spend more time planning annual vacations than we do retirement and later life-which can last 30 years or more. "Thanks to a lifetime of poor savings rates and fewer family members to provide care, the sheer numbers of people needing and eligible for publicly funded long-term care by 2030 could overwhelm the state budget," Larhae Knatterud, Minnesota Department of Human Services planning director, wrote in a 2005 report to the Minnesota Legislature.

Not every gourmet experience turns out well. One that turned out especially rotten supposedly involved a tourist buying edamame in China, carrying it back to the United States, noticing bugs in the Asian delicacy, and tossing the edamame into trash near Chicago's O'Hare airport. The bugs were soybean aphids, and thus began their spread into Midwest soybean fields. Only the rapid response from a team of field-based Extension educators, campus Extension specialists, University researchers, growers, crop consultants and other partners could help reduce the economic and environmental damage from these accidental tourists.

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