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August 2010 Archives

Proper harvest management is critical for high-quality corn silage, which increases milk production in cows. It all starts with harvest timing.

Although the weather this summer has been good for soybean growth in much of Minnesota, the same weather has favored development of soybean diseases.

Many sectors of our current economy are having a difficult time regaining strength; however, there are jobs and business opportunities in the agricultural sector now and into the future. Agricultural careers can be in farming and ranching, processing, marketing and merchandising, scientific, engineering, and educational fields.

Soybean cyst nematode (SCN), a small parasitic roundworm that attacks the roots of soybeans, is managed by crop rotation and growing SCN-resistant soybean varieties, yet it continues to be a significant threat to Minnesota soybean production.

As we wind our way through summer and into fall tailgating season, family life often centers around the family grill. The financial challenge of fulfilling the protein portion of the plate, coupled with increased focus on high quality food, creates a tremendous opportunity to take advantage of the innovative strides made by beef researchers.

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