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October 2010 Archives

cows.jpgProducers work hard every day of the year to produce a wholesome food packed full of nutrients for healthy living. They do it for the love of the land and the animals in their care in spite of the many years in which they have lost money on each cow. We need to do more to tell consumers that while animals are used for food production, this is done with love and care for the animals.

Animal pastures and Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) fields are continually stressed with a succession of noxious weeds and woody trees and shrubs throughout the growing season.

October is an important month from an agricultural standpoint. Crop harvesting, crop drying, tillage and soil testing are among the many weather-sensitive activities Minnesota farmers hope to accomplish.

University of Minnesota Extension Dean Bev Durgan honored the Minnesota Association of Wheat Growers and the Minnesota Wheat Research and Promotion Council this week, with special recognition to Executive

Heavy rain fell across much southern Minnesota on September 22 and 23 and left large areas of corn and soybean fields submerged. Flood waters covered perhaps 100,000 acres for several hours as rain water moved from fields into creeks and rivers. Longer term flooding of fields affected tens of thousands of acres of cropland.

bev-durgan.jpgExtension maintains a vital University presence throughout the state, extending the research and resources of the University to communities across Minnesota.

More than 65 percent of Extension's 830 researchers, educators and community-based staff live and work in Greater Minnesota. Because Extension faculty and staff are located in regional and county offices, research and outreach centers, and University campuses throughout the state, Extension is able to make University research and knowledge readily available to the people of Greater Minnesota.

During National 4-H Week, Oct. 4-8, 2010, youth throughout Minnesota will celebrate how 4-H helps them make a difference in their lives and communities today, and prepare for tomorrow.

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