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Video: U of M Extension studies climate-change effects on shoreland plants

Media Contact: Catherine Dehdashti, U of M Extension, (612) 625-0237

MINNEAPOLIS/ST. PAUL, Minn. (11/30/2010) —University of Minnesota Extension water resource management experts are researching how shoreland plants will be affected by the fluctuating water levels, periodic flooding and drought that climate change is expected to bring.

Shoreland plants protect water quality by stabilizing shorelines, reducing runoff and erosion, and improving wildlife habitats. Researchers have been unsure how climate change could affect shoreland plants' ability to survive.

According to Barb Liukkonen, Extension program leader in water resources, the impact of climate change may need to be considered when communities and individual property owners plan revegetation projects. "If they know which plants are more likely to survive and thrive under different climate conditions in the future, then we're going to make sure the projects that we put on our shorelines function the way we want--and help protect Minnesota's water resources," Liukkonen said.

The research team is conducting its study at the university's St. Anthony Falls Laboratory in Minneapolis.

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